What happens if you're one of those people who hope for the best but always expect the worst thing to happen?

Does that negative outlook really soften the blow if the worst comes to pass?

Researchers put those assumptions to the test by surveying over 80 students about their outlook -- good or bad -- on life. Afterward, they were given computer-based puzzles to complete, then asked how well they would perform on a second set of problems.

Not surprisingly, those who expected to do badly, and did, felt far worse than those with a better attitude who thought they would succeed but didn't.

Moreover, those who took the negative view also tried to deflect any responsibility of their poor performance, not believing the results were a reflection of their overall capabilities.

The researchers involved thought this indicated that those with a pessimistic disposition tend to be easily disturbed by failure, while those who are more optimistic are bothered less when they fail.

Nature February 3, 2006 Dr. Mercola's Comment:An important part of optimizing and maintaining your good health is to work on having a positive attitude. For some of you, choosing to be happy is very easy to say but hard to practice in the real world. Nevertheless, the benefits to your health -- both mental and physical -- are very real, but it will take much effort by some of you to get there.

If you're struggling with a negative attitude, one of the best and most effective natural treatments at your disposal -- the Emotional Freedom Technique -- has nothing to do with a one-pill-cure and everything to do with removing the cause or reason why you may be self sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs.

You tend to manifest what you believe, and most of us have some pretty wacky beliefs that ruin our happiness on a regular basis. If you haven't yet taken advantage of EFT I would strongly encourage you to do so. If you aren't achieving success by yourself then definitely consider consulting with an EFT or other energy psychology professional.

For the record, overdoing it on the positive side doesn't make you bulletproof either. Being overly positive, and brushing off multiple failures, let's say at the office, can be a blind spot that can also hurt your life and career.

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