What does it take to move to the next level? We aren’t caterpillars literally waiting for some physical transformation to take place. We can’t wait for someone else to bring the change to us; we need to make the change within ourselves.

I am not talking about you necessarily, but talking about me as well. I keep buying the next book or course thinking that the missing piece is out there somewhere, or that my internal processes need just one more bit. But what if that really isn’t the case? I have more educational materials around my house that haven’t been finished than most people probably buy in a lifetime. Are the answers in there? No. The answers are in me. I know the things that I need to do. What is the real blockade that is stopping me? What internal struggle is taking place and how can I push myself over the edge?

I talk and write about making changes in your life, while I still need to make changes in mine. Is this surprising? Not really. Everyone I have met has room for improvement and life is constant change. I thought that getting my book published would be the thing that would take me over the top and really get me going. I made a mistake with that, but still have been blaming the publisher instead of myself. I should have looked into the practices of the publisher instead of rushing into a contract. I was so happy to have a contract that I didn’t look past the contract.

The secret to success in anything is marketing and that is one area I am lacking. I think the course my wife is taking in internet marketing may be the key to that aspect of our on-line businesses. If I write the holy grail of articles or a great novel, who is going to know about it without a solid marketing plan? If my network marketing business is the great vehicle I believe it to be, how do I communicate that to the masses?

I am attracting the resources into my life that I need and getting out of my own way. The metamorphosis I need is to get me out of the cage I have built for myself. You may not be a Pink Floyd fan, but we all have a wall around us that we have built to make us feel comfortable and safe, but that wall is a prison we have constructed… and it is limiting our growth.

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Robert Britt is married and a father of four. He is a published author and has a degree in Psychology from Albright College . Robert is a recognized expert in the field of personal finance, self-esteem and confidence building. See www.SelfEsteemBuilder.net for a free tool to build confidence. He is a full time professional writer and speaker. Robert spent 13 years in the military and 14 years in manufacturing prior to self-employment. Please contact Rob using rob@wealthtrainingsource.com and visit www.robertbritt.com and www.ProsperityModel.com