One of the oldest and most successful ways to attract new clients is to give away something for free.

Whether you are a chiropractor, a large hospital or a copywriter, giving away information (for no charge) about something your prospective clients find interesting is a great way to begin the lead generation process.

Think about offering a free report, consultation, trial offer, seminar, or a free half hour of your services. This allows prospects to get to know you without risk. There are no strings attached, no sales involved, no hint of further contact - just a chance to learn about something they're interested in.

Imagine your sales funnel. You start with a sea of heads. They all look the same; nothing really distinguishes one from the other. However, you've written a free report, or offered to do an inexpensive seminar and suddenly, a few heads start to pop up above the others to find out more.

They're poking their heads above the crowd so you can see them. Will all of the heads that pop up buy from you? No, not all of them, but this group, the group that's poked their head above the rest, have shown some interest in what you have to offer and are worth spending your marketing energy on.

What should you do once you've identified these interested people? You should spend your marketing energy earning their trust and attention. You might even offer them something else for free. And something else after that if you need to. Move them to the next level in your marketing funnel.

Some experts say that before a prospect becomes a client they may need anywhere from seven to nine free things before they actually purchase from you. This is what I like to call the "courting time." Prospects are gathering information about you and right now, much of it is intangible. They may be trying to decide if they agree with what you are saying. They may be trying to decide if they trust you or if they like your personality. Do they agree with what you stand for? Do they like you enough to have you treat them? Do they want to get to know you better?

The best way for you, as the doctor or hospital, to earn the prospects trust is to be yourself. Speak in your own words, say what you really believe, do what you do best. The right clients will come to you. But, you have to get in front of them first. And one of the best ways to attract the right client is to offer them something for free. And then offer them something again. Let them get to know you without taking a risk. You are not trying to sell them something, you are just letting them know a little bit about yourself.

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Author of Powerful Interviewing Techniques for Healthcare Marketers E-book, Kelly Robbins is an award winning copywriter and marketing coach/consultant. She also publishes The Healthcare Marketing Connection, a free e-zine on healthcare marketing tips. Contact Kelly to receive her free report, "5 Critical Mistakes Healthcare Marketers Make that Lose Sales and Plummet Profits" - or 303-460-0285.