Whenever I’m feeling “stuck,” I almost always ask myself the following questions. I’ve also asked them in many coaching sessions with clients who were able to shift from stuck to flow. If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life (work, relationship, creativity, etc.), consider answering these simple questions.

1. Am I willing to learn from my stuckness?

(A sincere “yes” to this question begins your shift. The moment you become willing to learn from your stuckness -- instead of ignoring, judging or trying to get rid of it -- you begin to shift).

2. How am I experiencing my stuckness in my body right now?

(A frozenness around your heart? A clench in your stomach? A tightness across the back of your neck? As you take the time to locate and resonate with the actual sensations of your stuckness, you continue to shift).

3. What feeling(s) am I not letting myself feel?

(There are five primary feelings -- anger, fear, sadness, joy and sexual feelings -- that we often avoid experiencing. As you let yourself acknowledge and experience any feeling(s) you’ve been resisting, you can move deeper into flow).

4. What is it that I’m not telling the truth about?

(Some of the responses I’ve heard to this question include: ”I hate my job,”“I miss my Mom,”“I’m furious about what happened in the meeting,” ”I’m feeling sexually attracted to one of my students.” When we hide the truth from ourselves, we get stuck. When we reveal the truth to ourselves, and where appropriate, to others, we get to flow again).

5. What is the choice that I’m avoiding making?

(The choice may be whether or not to have a baby, look for a new job, end a relationship or start your own business. By making the choice that you really want, and taking the next action step to follow through with it, you can shift from stuck to flow).

Finally, remember that it’s okay to get stuck again. We all get stuck from time-to-time, especially when we’re growing and exploring new aspects of ourselves and our lives. The key is to be able to notice when you’re feeling stuck and then to make any simple shifts that can open your flow again.

Author's Bio: 

Since 1995, Gregory Newman, M.S. (www.bodycenteredcoach.com) has coached individuals and couples in body-centered skills that have made it easier for their lives, relationships and careers to blossom. Greg coaches over-the-phone and in-person and can be reached at 608-274-6962 or greg@bodycenteredcoach.com