Niche Marketing is important so you can hone in and focus your marketing. One of the main concerns I hear from clients is “I don’t want to leave anyone out.” Or “How do I know what my niche is?” This type of thinking tends to stop people from actually Niche Marketing. The problem then is lack of focus on a particle area.

When looking at your business or practice in order to set yourself apart you want to have a specialty. This is where you shine the brightest. You would choose an area you know and love.

For example if you are a life coach and you know all about weight loss and health instead of marketing your self as a life coach in general your niche would be fitness and your focus health you can even go as far as to call yourself a “Fitness Coach.” Your target can be anyone of course that is interested in health and weight loss. But you always want to have a target audience.

Niche Marketing …Creating your Niche of Expertise.

To narrow down your niche start with what you are passionate about. Write a list of the things you love to do. Then write a list of the things you know how to do. From that list you will see the obvious pop out. If you have two areas that seem neck and neck always go for the one you love the most. If you choose a niche you love then you will prosper. The energy you get from doing something you are connected to is powerful.

Niche Marketing …Creating your Niche Statement

This is where you get your HUB statement. That is the hottest unique benefit you offer. This should be one sentence that explains what you do. Once you say it people know right away what to expect from your business or service. For example I am a life/business coach. My HUB statement is: partnering with entrepreneurs and professionals to create balanced lives while earning more money.

From that statement you know who I work with, what I do and what you get (the benefit). And you know all that in under a minute. That statement can easily fit on your business cards. I also use it on all my advertising as well as on my signature line in all my correspondence e-mails and it is on my web site.

My niche is small business marketing. I chose that because I know how to market a small business so it becomes successful in its first year and then keeps on growing. I have done that in the past and it comes naturally and easily to me. I also love being apart of building something new and watching it grow. It seemed natural that I would then partner with professionals to accomplish the same thing I have accomplished and guide them to that same success.

Niche Marketing … What About the Rest of the Business Out There?

This doesn’t mean that other type of people won’t go to you for your services. They will and you can then choose to help them or refer them out. This brings up another reason for networking with in your industry. If you choose to only work with people in your niche be prepared to give referrals to your colleagues and to receive them as well.

Not only will you have an excellent reputation for only taking clients that truly suit you but you will build trust among those clients you do take on.

Your career will become easy and carefree as well. You will be working with the type of people that you click with. You both will be going in the same direction, and therefore your energy together will propel both of you toward greatness. You will bring out the best in the client and visa versa.

In creating these types of business relationships you will get referrals by the dozens. You will have more business then you know what to do with when you stick to doing what you love with the type of people that have the same love.

Niche Marketing …Knowing Where to Put Your Advertising Dollars

If you are networking on the internet and your niche is health then you will want to find as many health web sites and health themed networking sites as you can. This is where you will find the people that are interested in your business or service. Many of these sites are free and I list quite a few of them in my article Small business marketing tips. Once you are on these sites networking becomes easier if you are niche marketing.

In order for you to get business, people have to trust you. It is easier to build trust if you are focusing on a particular area and becoming an expert in that area, then covering everything and not really gaining any area of expertise.

Wishing you all the success the universe has to offer!

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Dawn Abraham CTACC and the "Official Guide for "Small Business Marketing" Life/Business Coach, partnering with professionals and entrepreneurs to create balanced lives while earning more money. Private Coaching, Group Coaching, Free Tele-classes and FREE Mp3's are offered. Visit my web site for more information.

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