A good leader has a list of responsibilities to a business
and all people involved should hold them accountable.

A good business leader should see to it that every business
investment he/she might make is treated and evaluated on
the same basis. They are also responsible for the return on
investment made (time and money) by all invested parties.

A primary responsibility of a good business leader is to
the people who actually work in the business. Some of the
criteria crucial to success includes establishing overall
vision and goals; providing strategy, setting standards
(performance and values); and providing timely job
performance feedback. Such an organized approach allows
employees to perform much more effectively as it assures
them their positions are objectively evaluated.

Also a leader needs to think about the future - especially
succession planning. Timely succession planning can make
sure of a smooth transition when the day to: close a
business that is no longer viable; sell, pass, or otherwise
dispose of a business.

Good leadership qualities are important and often neglected
in many business until it is too late.

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