We are living in the World where changes take place in every hour. We often heard of the things happened here and there through different medias and news paper, magazines ,books and so on by which we are able to learn an important events that had been occurred in the past, and is now happening in this hour of time. In this changing World, we , ourselves, had undergone many changes.

The word `Revolution` may be discussed in many ways; however, here in this topic, it means `Changes in all aspects of human life so as to attain much more better living rather than before` in an ordinary language `Revolution` simply means `Change`, but in its special sense Revolution implies `changes in our life to obtain better way of living`. Changes may be brought by certain factors such as, natural change, political change, social change, etc.. Let us first study some important political changes already happened in major countries like China, Russia, French and India as well. The revolutions happened in those major countries were generally due to the discontentment of the peasants, manual labors and the lower classes who were unable to attain better way of living condition. As such, strife broke out even up to insurgency and killing which often led to civil war, rebel against the existing Government. Inconsequence, change took place regarding the formation of the system of Government. Moreover, political change can be happened due to the maladministration of the politicians and the government servants. The desire to possess power and supremacy over the others can also lead to Political change.

Secondly, social change is indispensable to point out and is one of the most factors that have brought changes in our day to day living. In the realms of social changes. Changes are the outcome of learning and knowledge. No doubt, the power of knowledge can transform our way of living by inculcating in man’s mind the ability to adapt the already existing things for better purposes which in return transformed the aspect of the society.

As a result, society is often transformed in a developed countries. The wrongful use of Drugs and alcohol even up to tobacco by-products , Newly invented devices such as T.v, Tape deck, Computer ,vehicle are the main factors in the transformation of society .

Thirdly, natural change also play a role in the transformation of society. Natural calamities such as War, Flood , volcano ,cyclone etc ,Such disastrous occurrence harass the peaceful living of the society which in return produce the need to have much more defensive dwelling place. Climatic condition is also an important factor, We are unable to live as we wish. For instance, we need to wear woolen clothes in winter in the same way we need to wear T-Shirt in summer or any other flimsy shirts due to climatic change. So,there is a great demand for different types of clothes so as to satisfy ourselves.

In the same way, if we meticulously examine our present living condition, how we organize ourselves. Is our society really safe ? Personally, are you being safe? Politically, are we safe ? If the existing political organization or our society is being safe, rapidly change will not occur . However, if it is not safe , surely change will be happened. For example, we need good houses to protect ourselves from cyclone, landslide , etc. .So, there is a great demand for protective building . in such condition we tried to possess good house. Then, we obtain good house through hard working. Calculating what is going on and what can be happened in our future time. Is the existing organization or political organizations or our society is safe ? If it is not safe , we need much more better organization to protect us from such invaders .If we satisfy with what we used to be or what is going on ,we need no change, no revolution. Ohh!!! In this changing world……..we are changing…Season comes.. season goes ,and time- they are changing.

Judging by the above point of view it is quite clear that `Revolution` can be defined in various ways: As we have already learnt changes always take place in this world. Through inventions and discoveries changes have taken place. There have been many changes in the field of politics, socially and culturally we are being changing, traditionally as well. Cultural and tradition do not merely mean the already existed behavior or custom, what I mean iS Development` in this context. It is evident that where there are no changes there can be no development. What is much more important is to understand the real meaning of change in a society and why Changes have often been taken place in this World. Here, too, also , there can be many reasons. Let me say in this way :- (1) Due to natural catastrophes.(2)Due to the need of surviving.(3)Due to the desire to possess power and supremacy over the others.(4) Due to climatic condition. Among those four points ,the second one is the most important than the others. That is why the World had undergone many changes in which undesirable and inexplicable events often happened. Being a living being we need food , clothes , shelters, land and so on so as to satisfy our wants .In order to possess our needs, we have strived very hard . So in order to survive, we need a good governance. We can have good governance if we are being developed which means to uplift our society so as to get all-round development. Therefore , what we have to remember is `All-round development is the outcome of Human Development Resources`, and EDUCATION is the first and foremost factor to develop ourselves.

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The author is a writer of various articles on local newspaper and medias.