In this moment of upheaval and change we are all struggling to some degree. We experience this as stress, at work, at home, in our relationships and internally. One of the most effective ways to deal with this stress is to understand that while there is little we can do to change the global conditions, there is a lot we can do personally to come into alignment with this natural and healing movement of change.

Change is not necessarily good or bad, it just is, it is the true nature of everything. So the most realistic and practical attitude to adopt is that of allowing and embracing this movement, what I liken to riding a wave. The wave of change is here, so wishing it not to be is futile, and that attitude will only create more resistance to the inevitable unfolding of reality.It is this resistance that is the root cause of stress.

So the question is, how can we ride the wave well and not be dragged down by the force of its undertow. The answer is by using our innate awareness to see things as they really are, instead of clinging to the misperception of how we wish or believe things should be.

Inside of each us there is a clear path of alignment trying to express itself. We can connect to this path by stopping our struggle with what is, and allowing each step of this shift to arise. In the beginning, this often involves seeing the folly of our conditioned view and experiencing the discomfort it has caused. By allowing ourselves to experience the truth of this seeing, we invite the unlearning and letting go of this view which no longer serves us, into our lives. In the wake of this unlearning, we free ourselves from the struggle, the resistance and the stress that is caused by misperception.

I know this is true, because I too have been struggling. Daily I come up against my conditioning, my laziness, my if only (fill in the blank), my why me, my I can't, and on and on. But what I am understanding by putting into practice what I am suggesting here, is the compassionate and healing nature of change, which I experience as a greater understanding, effortlessness and willingness to live in the truth of clear seeing, no matter what.

So all this upheaval and uncertainty is actually reality's compassionate offering to all of us, to liberate ourselves from our conditioned view, the cause of all our suffering. If we can see change in this way, we will never fall off the wave, we will have a great ride, after ride, after ride...

This end of struggle and learning "to allow" is the essence all my work, whether it is personal guidance, meditation classes or stress mastery. If this appeals to you, please take a moment to check out my website for all the free powerful information and new offerings I have to help us all ride the wave together, to the beach of living at ease in the truth of life just as it is.

Author's Bio: 

Gordon Scarritt is an awareness based stress mastery consultant in private practice in New York City. Using mindfulness meditation as a starting point, he guides his clients through the unlearning process of conditioned behavior to the ease of directly experiencing life as it is, not what they wish or think it should be. By engaging in this dynamic cathartic process, his clients immediately become more at ease, with greater capacity to flow with everything life presents.
Mr.Scarritt has been teaching meditation, awareness based exercises and assisting people with looking into the truth of their being for 30 years. He has created an integrated approach to stress mastery and personal inquiry into the truth of being called Walking with the Tiger.