“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”, so said Ingrid Bergman. It is an expression of love so great that could render the recipient in a state of pure pleasure. The right kiss at the right time can surely heat up a relationship and keep the fires of passion burning. So pucker up and perfect the different kinds of romantic kisses: The all over kiss is started with a tender peck on your partner’s forehead, then moving down bit by bit to the eyelids, and forcing them to shut. Gradually move down to the nose, with a brush of your warm passionate breath then gently plant your best kiss right onto the lips.

It doesn’t stop there, though, because as the name implies, it is done ALL OVER. Whether it’s all over your partner’s face or body, it’s up to your creativity and imagination. Explore the possibilities, and make your partner anticipate with passion and excitement. An angel kiss has a touch of tenderness. A gentle kiss on your partner’s lips or eyelids provides a very sweet, uplifting and assuring feeling. On the other hand, a French kiss which is the most popular type, is done open-mouthed. Have your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth, touching their tongue as they do the same.

This is very sensuous and connecting when done properly. A variation of this technique is called Tongue Sucking. Gently suck on your partner’s tongue while kissing open-mouthed. Careful not to suck too hard, though, or it may hurt. Mornings can be extra special with the wake up kiss. Wake him/her up in a very pleasing and refreshing way; softly kissing the cheek or forehead can surely get a partner’s attention. There is no specific technique to this only that it should be done before one’s partner awakes to an extraordinary Good morning. A massaging kiss is best done with a partner’s shirt off.

While laying down on his/her stomach, sit comfortably over your partner’s lower back and begin with a nice, comforting massage from the shoulder. This will surely make any tired person relaxed and relieved from the stresses of a hard day’s work. While he/she is soothed with the massage, start kissing from the neck and softly lick your way down to the back. Not only will this stir an excitement, but also invigorate them for an enjoyable and romantic evening. A fruity or sweety kiss is perfect while relaxing on the couch, in front of the TV and sharing your favourite fleshy fruits.

Take a little piece of fruit and place it between your lips (ideal fruits are the juicy ones, such as grapes, strawberries, mango, or a small pineapple wedge). Nibble half of the fruit while he/she nibbles the other half until it breaks in two, savoring the sweetness of the fruit as it runs into your mouths. Top it off with a lingering romantic smooch for a breathtaking moment. Romantic kisses can definitely spice up a relationship. Whether it’s a little bit naughty or a little bit nice, don’t forget to indulge!

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