Some people say we are in a recession and some people say we are headed towards a depression. However, no matter where the economy ends up, unfortunately, most people are living the "American dream" paycheck to paycheck and that has created problems for many. With downsizing, reengineering, economic slowdown and everything else wrong with the economy, wouldn't it be nice to have a life of simplicity?
What is simplicity? Webster's Dictionary defines simplicity as "freedom from complexity, absence of luxury, or a simple state of quality." Most American's lives have become very complex, because they have given themselves a false sense of security by not using common sense to manage and spend their money.

Simplicity is a way of thinking and doing things--it's a way of life!

It doesn't matter how much money you make or do not make. Simplicity is a way to improve the quality of your life while making headway toward your financial goals. So how do you move towards simplicity? Simplicity is getting back to the basics of what's important in life. For example:

* spending quality time with your family, kids, and friends

* watching a good comedy eating popcorn at home

* lying in bed reading a good book

* having a quiet picnic in the park

* walking on the beach

* going to a free concert on the waterfront

* having time to hug your child

* setting aside time to just "think"

* letting people know you love them, and

* taking some time for you

That's right, simplicity is FREE--it doesn't cost you a penny! Simplicity says bigger isn't always better, newer isn't always nicer, and more isn't always more desirable. It's being content with the little pleasures in life. The Bible says Godliness with contentment is much gain. Simplicity is a hidden treasure that can determine the way you think, spend, and respect your money!

Debt is the opposite of simplicity! Debt causes a lot of pain, stress, sleepless nights, and can ruin the best of relationships. Debt says live a materialistic life, have expensive do-dads you can't afford to maintain, work 60 hours per week, live paycheck to paycheck, have no time for your spouse or kids, have a car payment as high as a mortgage, and have a closet full of designer clothes you can't afford to clean.

Simplicity says get the house, car, clothes, or bike I can afford, start to save for the future, stop trying to impress family and friends, and be willing to make small sacrifices in order to have a better financial future. Simplicity allows you to stop, look, and listen to your mind, heart, and spirit. It gets rid of the clutter in your life and replaces it with personal and financial freedom.

Today you have a choice. You can choose the complex life that debt affords you or choose to go back to the simplicities of life that brings freedom. I've chosen freedom, will you?

Author's Bio: 

Sharman Lawson is a debt, money, financial and life coach. Also, she is a speaker and author of the book 12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever. Sharman Lawson and her husband paid off all their debt including their mortgage, in less than five years, on a combined income of less than $50,000 a year. Contact Sharman Lawson at 770.966.1639 for a FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation. Visit her website at