Solutions of North Texas, a division of Love In Action, International, was formed in 2006 by Scott Wisenbaker for the purpose of providing safe, sober transitional housing for the recovering alcoholic/addict. We are located in the city and county of Denton, Texas.
Our founder, Scott Wisenbaker, started his comprehensive work with other alcoholics/addicts in March of 1995. He has spent much of his time in jails, treatment centers, hospitals and various meetings carrying the message of hope illustrated in the 12-steps of action. He has seen the eyes light up of many that, for the first time, heard the truth and in turn, sought God¡¦s direction in their life. This is a truly magical moment. Unfortunately the majority of these suffering men and women will be released from treatment centers or jails with no where to go. They will return to the streets and/or jail truly believing that 12-step programs don¡¦t work. Some will return to their homes where the cycle of abuse and neglect will likely start over again and again. Almost any counselor will tell you that the most delicate time for these men and women are the months immediately following alcohol/drug treatment or detoxification. Scott envisioned a safe and structured environment where each person is held accountable, compliant and embarks on an aggressive role in a 12-step program of action.
We found total support, appreciation and severe need for these services in the City of Denton, Texas and therefore made it our home.
Through volunteers, individual and corporate donations and the support of Love in Action International this dream became a reality in January of 2006.
Our mission is to provide safe and structured transitional housing to the recovering alcoholic/addict. Our transitional home is targeted at individuals who have discovered that their lives have been both ruled and ruined by alcohol/substance abuse and desperately want to make a permanent change in their lives.
The goal of Solutions of North Texas is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of relapse after alcohol/drug treatment by affording them the tools they need to live a sober and independent life, free from alcoholism or drug addiction.
Love in Action International started Solutions of North Texas in 2006, opening a facility for men and is eager to open the women¡¦s facility in 2007. This program provides men and women at-risk for alcohol/drug relapse a safe place to reside while learning the tools of sobriety and getting accustomed to their new sober lives. Men and women 18 years or older come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, local 12-step recovery meetings, alcohol/drug treatment facilities, local government agencies, and church organizations. Upon intake, clients are met with to discuss their urgency to change their lives and the code of conduct is reviewed and signed. All clients must agree to find gainful employment within 2 weeks, find a sponsor and start working a 12-step program of action, pay schedule is set, house rules and client responsibilities are laid out. Our program utilizes worksheets and reviews to follow the progress of each client and drug/alcohol screening is used to monitor high-risk clients. Clients are guided from beginning to end, from job seeking, 12-step work, community service projects, housing referrals, budgeting, computer training, resume writing, in-house meetings, probation/parole commitments to re-acquainting themselves with estranged family and friends.

Solutions of North Texas launched its education/ job-training department in December 2006. Through collaborative efforts with Denton Bible Church, Allstate Insurance, and Geek Innovations we have the facility and equipment needed to provide Internet access, computer skills training and job seeking abilities via the Internet. Our clients will be able to write and print a resume and search for jobs online. They will be given training to work through various applications and will have access to these applications. This will give them the edge required to be marketable in the workplace and secure long lasting employment. We will offer this service to the residents of local area non-profits as well, such as, Denton County Friends of the Family, Hope Inc. and Sons of Thunder Homeless Shelter. Lending support to local area non-profits is a benchmark commitment that this program affords us.

Author's Bio: 

In 1994 I was lost. Alcohol and drugs ruled my life; leaving no room for anything or anyone, especially God. On March 20, 1995 I entered into a 12 step program and although I remained free of alcohol and drugs during the first 2 years I found no real relief. I was at my jumping off point. In 1997 I was finally introduced to a man who emphasized the simple fact that if I did not find God, I would never find freedom. The entire 12 step program is designed to bring us close to God and do His work, bringing others to Him. For 2 years I had taken no such action, sitting in meeting after meeting only discussing the problem and never the solution.
After taking the 12 steps of action as described in the book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have spent much of my free time carrying this message of hope to thousands of men and women residing in jails, treatment centers, hospitals, and at various 12step meetings. I have seen the eyes of many people light up after hearing the truth; who in turn sought God¡¦s grace. This is an incredible experience. Unfortunately most alcoholics and drug addicts will never hear this simple truth. When we are led to God and live in the light we hide from no one. We bring hope to the very places we were warned, by some, to avoid.

I learned that our responsibilities do not stop with the person we are taking through steps but their entire family, regardless of the outcome. I offer the same hope and lifestyle to them if they would have it. Once I made God my solution, all of my problems were solved and I can get through anything. Since I have adopted these principles I have experienced the death of a close relative, Jerry, from a heroin overdose and the suicide of my wife, Kathy. Although both of these events were very difficult to overcome, I did not find the need to return to drugs or alcohol.
I want to make a difference. Solutions of North Texas will provide a safe and structured environment holding each person accountable, insisting upon complete compliance with a strict code of conduct including an aggressive role in a 12 step program. Residents will be required to find gainful employment to pay rent to our center making it possible to stay between 3-9 months. We provide community service opportunities, 12 step book studies, positive speaker meetings, and a plan of action to become a productive member of society.


Scott Wisenbaker, Executive Director