Exercises To Do Together
by Al Link and Pala Copeland


The Tibetan Buddhist term yab-yum translates as father/mother, masculine/feminine or yang/yin. Yab-yum is the ultimate Tantric lovemaking position because it is ideal for sharing energy.

Time for Exercise: five minutes to one hour

Properties Required: each other


In the yab-yum sexual position, the woman straddles the man as he sits cross-legged on the floor in the lotus position. He might have cushions under his knees for support and comfort, especially if he wants to maintain the position for more than a few minutes. Very firm Indian style pillows work perfectly. Alternatively, he might sit on a straight-backed chair and she will climb on top.

The lovers face each other with eyes open. They harmonize their breathing (see Harmony Breath). They can kiss, touching their tongues together. The eyes, breath, and tongues act as energy switches connecting the flow of hot sexual energy between the two lovers’ bodies.

  1. Build to a peak of sexual arousal using any other sexual positions or techniques, but do not climax.
  2. Assume the yab-yum position and become still.
  3. Pass energy through your genital contact, eyes, breathing, and tongues.
  4. Move the sexual energy up through your bodies using PC Pumping (squeezing the genital muscles as if you were stopping the flow of urine in mid stream—see Fit For Sex), eye gazing, harmonized breathing, and French kissing (with tongue contact), running your hands up and down the front or back of your lover’s body barely touching or close to the skin.
  5. Exchange the energy between you by visualizing a figure 8 or the infinity symbol (∞) with energy moving up his back, transferring into her mouth, down her front, up her back, transferring into his mouth, down his front, up his back, etc.
  6. Send energy back and forth with your eyes, with circular harmonized breathing (he breathes in, she breathes out, etc.), and touching your tongues together.
  7. Try chanting in this position. The sounds you make will be extremely beautiful, animated by the high charge of hot sexual energy.
  8. If the man’s erection subsides and you wish to resurrect it, rock back and forth a few times and breathe rapidly to rebuild excitement.
  9. Resume other lovemaking positions without breaking genital contact by rolling forward, backward, or to either side.
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