Article Title: Success: The Glenn Bland Method: How to Set Goals and really Make them Work (from Inspirational Books - Part One)
Submitted by Craig Lock
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Success: The Glenn Bland Method: How to Set Goals and really Make them Work (from Inspirational Books - Part One)


Submitter's Note:
This article (in point form) is based on an excellent motivational, up-lifting and inspiring book by Glenn Bland (Living Books, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton Illinois, USA, 1972). Whilst I'm not "overly religious" (but more "spiritual", I think), I agree with the basic principles espoused by Mr Bland and am sharing the contents of this work in the spirit of encouraging and hopefully even inspiring those people, who really want to achieve their fullest potentials, to achieve success happiness to read this book, BELIEVE...and surprise themselves what happens, as you 'ride the rapids of life'.

Thank you sincerely, Mr Bland for sharing your practical insight, words of wisdom and especially inspiration, which I'm passing on in the form of this series of articles from my notes taken from your book, as I study the connection (overlap) between mind and spirit, the relationship between psychology (science of the mind) and the spiritual world, God.

The definition of success:
"The progressive realisation of predetermined worthwhile goals, stabilised with balance and purified by belief."

The foundation of success:
Direction, focus, balance + BELIEF

There IS a way. Let this book serve as a guiding light to direct you to follow its path to a life of success and even more importantly, happiness.

The author searched for the wisdom and truth that could help people to realise their dreams of success and happiness. THINK AND GROW RICH - find the key to unlock the door.
"Men who have goals and dreams dictate to others, while men who have no goals and dreams are dictated to." The KEY to unlock the door to success and happiness.

"Success consciousness" is the place where all achievement begins. Follow through and attain your desires. Develop a hunger for wisdom and truth - you are programming your mind for success and happiness. A basic truth: "Techniques and methods change, but principles never do." It's all in the Holy Bible, the well-spring of the Creator of the Universe, stimulating wisdom that will never run dry. They are eternal truths and guiding principles for living... TODAY. So abide by the principles and grow.

The principles for achieving happiness and success in your life today are the same principles that King Solomon used to create his vast fortune in 966 BC. This Creator established certain natural laws that put order into all things. The Creator is the source of every natural law leading to success and happiness. It is yours for the taking, if you simply obey the rules of the game.
Napoleon Bonaparte said that: "The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature with a power that conquers all who oppose it."
The mind of man can conceive many things, but believing them is something else.
Just do one thing: BELIEVE.

This is one of the most basic and natural laws of the universe. Anything you can think of and believe in, you can achieve. Belief is the key; it's the basic ingredient to a happy and successful life. Jesus understood perfectly the natural laws of the universe, the Law of Belief: "If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes."

A tremendously powerful force that when properly used can move man to accomplish great things. Our Creator gave us the choice of living in 2 worlds: positive or negative. Take the "can't" out of your life by simply believing.

Each of us has the opportunity to use this creative force in our lives to accomplish our goals, yet very few people do so. This creative force (coming from 'infinite mind') is given to us FREE - it costs nothing, and all we have to do is BELIEVE.
God is a tremendous guiding force in the universe - far wiser and more powerful than you.


True success is a journey, a gradual process, a realm in which balanced living is achieved through living by natural laws, which keep us 'in tune' with the universe. And through balanced living you will find success and happiness. The Creator has created a universe in BALANCE.
Edison: "Ideas come from space." Edison completely accepted the fact that there was a power in existance bigger than himself and he learned to work in complete harmony with that power.

To summarise...

Great people lead balanced lives, which are made meaningful by the power of BELIEF.
There are four great loves in life:
* Love of God
* Love of Family
* Love of Country
* Love of Work

"ATTITUDE is the golden key that must be placed in the lock of life."

SUCCESS (in whatever endeavour you may choose) depends upon:
* Direction (or bearing)
* BELIEF: no person will become successful, who does not possess belief.
The greater the belief, the greater the success.

God's delays are NOT God's denials.

and finally...

"Whilst failure is never final...
success is never ending."

Submitted by Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager/People-builder, Information and Inspiration Distributor")

"Our talents are our gifts from God... but what we do with them
are our gifts TO God."

"Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow
it, no matter where it leads him."
- Henry Miller

"The task ahead of you can always be overcome by the power within you...and the seemingly difficult path ahead of you is never as
steep with the great spirit that lies within you."

About the author:
Craig likes to share information and insights to encourage
others to be all they are capable of being and have FUN along the journey.

End of Part One (Part Two to follow)

"Together, one mind, one soul at a time, let's encourage, impact, uplift and perhaps even inspire the world."


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Craig likes to share information and insights to encourage
others to be all they are capable of being and have FUN along the journey.