There are those of us who wish for every single thing to be absolutely perfect before we move. We believe in perfection and strive for perfection. Is there such a thing as perfection or is it only an illusion we have accepted as being real?

In reality and in nature, is anything truly perfect? To know this, we must establish our definition of perfect. The dictionary defines perfect as: excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement; without any of the shortcomings or flaws that might be present; flawless; and several more definitions. We all have our own definition of perfect.

Going by these definitions absolutely nothing is perfect. No two things in this world are exactly identical. Many things are so similar it takes scientific instruments of great power to find the differences, but they are there. Let's take two diamonds which are considered flawless by the experts. In reality they both have flaws. Does this make them imperfect? What is perfect to one observer may be considered imperfect to another.

True perfection is simply unattainable. There is nothing on this earth which cannot be improved upon. Even though we think something is perfect, a way can always be found to improve it.

Knowing all this, why seek perfection? Instead seek constant improvement. We know there is always room for improvement. This can be achieved in great leaps or in tiny steps. Small improvements made each day can add up to enormous improvement over a period of time.

Striving for perfection creates frustration and disappointment. Improvement is readily obtainable and leads to satisfaction. It seems there is nothing which cannot be improved in some way or another. So why not seek improvement rather than perfection and lead a happier and more fulfilling life?

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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