The Key to Your Character
The Code in the Stars
by Rebecca Brents
Part 3

Understanding the metaphors of Astrology as they apply to you is one of the best, most efficient, ways I know to accomplish what can almost amount to a miracle of rebirth into being the person you were meant to be. Because as the person living the life depicted in the chart, you can draw your own perfectly valid conclusions about how you are working with -- and experiencing -- certain "raw materials" of talents, gifts and abilities, as well as frustrations, challenges and other "problems."

Even people with extremely difficult charts can help ease their path in life by understanding the conflicting demands in their own characters, and working with the energy instead of constantly trying to fight against it. Talk about a wonderful gift to give yourself!!

Understand, Astrology doesn't guarantee to make your life serenely comfortable, or send it speeding along a smooth and level highway without a hitch. But when you hit the bumps and rocks and potholes, you at least can discover why things are so disagreeable and what the conflicts are about.

By understanding what life is asking of you, you can make adjustments to work with the energies instead of against them -- if you choose. At least you do have choices, even if they are limited sometimes, -- which is rarely the case when all you have is ignorance and a feeling that life is out to get you.

YOU, as a creation of Spirit, were fashioned rather like a very unique piece of equipment or art -- designed to work in a certain way. Astrology can describe for you that "design," ... that "way." My interpretations are my "readings" of how various positions and combinations are likely to express themselves in "real life" -- but you are in a far better position to know and judge how you are using these energies and how satisfied you are with your strategies.

In other words, I can tell you -- and help you learn -- how your personality is "designed to operate," but whether you are using your gifts to best advantage, or even "harmoniously," is entirely up to you. As I've said, It is possible to distort and abuse anything, including your own energy. Many, many people do.

So if you're intrigued by the notion that learning Astrology can help you ... and maybe other people, too ... live a more authentic, fulfilled, and lucid life ... your first stop to learn what a horoscope is -- since that is the basic tool of the Astrologer's trade ... and understand a description of the basic pure energy contained in each sign of the Zodiac.

Presentations on exactly those topics will make an appearance here over the next several months ... but if you're interested in moving faster and not wasting any more of your life in wondering and wandering ... those presentations and many other wonderful pieces of information are already available on our website and in our Premium Members section. You don't have to wait another day to begin one of the most rewarding, useful, and intriguing journeys of self-discovery you will ever take. That's a promise. Millions of people through the ages with open minds, impassioned hearts, and the courage to follow their convictions have discovered that wonderful truth.

I am one of them. And perhaps you will be, too.

This is the third of a three-part article with this title and on this subject. The material itself is an excerpt from "The Beginning Astrology Class at Enchanted Spirit" which is available as an ongoing series of lectures, as an Ebook and as a print book version entitled "The Circle of Life -- The Zodiac Signs and Creation's Cycle." Visit the website to hear audio samples and to learn more.

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