My name is Biancia Tate and my father was an alchoholic and my husband is a traumatic brain injury survivor. So, what do these two men have in common?

They were both wounded and, thus, could not offer the intimate relationship I would need to grow into a secure woman and wife. Thus, the daughter, woman and wife is left with the wounds she inherited from her wounded father and husband which would hinder her ability to feel safe and secure in her relationships with her father, her husband and others in her life.

So, how does the woman overcome the inherited wounds contained within her spirit so she can have healthy relationships that will enhance her growth. The woman must learn that what is wounded is her spirit and, thus, the only one that can heal a bruised and/or broken spirit is the Spirit of her heavenly Father, God for, God is sinless who, unlike her father and husband, are not.

Thus, it is impossible for God to do any further damage or harm to her spirit. He is perfect love that is unconditional so, she does not have to worry about rejection and He is grace so she does not have to be concerned about betrayl, denial, or shame. So, the wounded woman must pursue the loving and sinless father (God) and husband (Jesus) to create for herself a whole new intimate relationship that will meet everyone of her unmet needs and heal everyone of her unhealed wounds.

Thus, she need not continue to suffer from the legacy of inherited woundedness that impairs her ability to enjoy the pleasures of true intimacy but, instead, she can be healed and restored for, she has found a replacement for what she has lost in the past. She is now able to forgive the men who have wounded her as well as learn to love them with the unconditional love she has found in her heavenly father and husband.

Thus, she can put her wounded legacy in the past and celebrate her newfound intimacy discovered in her spiritually intimate relationship with her heavenly father and husband. She now has the freedom to grow into the holy and spiritual woman she was created to be as well as the gift she was created to be which is the gift of God's unconditional grace.

So, wounded woman of God, seek out you heavenly father God and husband Jesus, ask for and receive your healing and deliverance for your broken and bruised spirit then, celebrate your freedom. Embrace your life as a gift and give your love as medicine to other women suffering from father and husband wounds. Dont' grieve your past but embrace your future for it is full of the joy of the Lord.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Biancia Tate and, I reside in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John. We have no children. Two weeks before our first anniversary, my husband was diagnosed with an anterior venous malformation in the back of his brain. The procedure to correct the problem brought with it complications which left him in a 2 and 1 half month coma. Six months and three hospitals later, my husband returned home a wounded man both physically and emotionally. This redefined our marriage and lives and left me with many wounds that required God's intervention. This also resulted in my being called into prophetic ministry as a deliverer. Thus, I founded an online ministry called The Hope Empowerment Evangelistic Worship Center to provide spiritual support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. Our website address is We invite you to visit us and leave us your comments about the ministry. Thank you and may God be your Father and Healer.