You may already have sought treatment for your bulimia eating disorder and are on the road to recovery. Studies show that eighty percent of all sufferers get successfully treated for their disorder. Unfortunately, many relapse, and hence, it is important that you learn about how to prevent a bulimia eating disorder relapse.

1. Firstly, avoid putting yourself in the situation of becoming too hungry. While you really should not be eating all the time but if you restrict yourself too much, you are more prone to binge eat when you cannot control yourself. Studies do indicate that this is the case with most dieters. When someone is undergoing a serious diet, they are much more likely to binge eat.

2. Take note that binge eating on certain foods such as high cholersterol foods, can be extremely harmful. So you should refrain from eaing these particular food items as much. However, it is in your best interest not to make these foods as taboo. When you do so, you may find yourself obsessing over and more drawn to them. If you find that you cannot resist the temptation any longer, guess what happens? You binge eat. Instead, learn to cut down on the portion sizes of the food that you are lusting for.

3. Avoid going to places where you tend to eat by the mouthful. These may include buffets or fast food restaurants where you have a habit of upsizing your meals. Being in this environment
can easily make you want to pig out.

4. If you are put on the spot of wanting to binge eat overwhelmingly, try taking a breather for thirty minutes. Then, during this time, use some positive visualization techniques. Imagine how it feels like if you are able to overcome bingeing. In your mind, relate to the happiness and the health that you will enjoy when you no longer have a bulimia eating disorder. You can find that after doing this, you no longer want to eat.

5. It is important to have fun. Try to do one thing a day that helps put you in a good mood. It is true that a bulimia eating disorder is a difficult problem to overcome. You can find it hard to deal with the mental strain that it places upon. So go out with your friends, pick up a new hobby or even engaging in regular exercise.

With a bulimia eating disorder, you suffer both pyschologically and physically. Mentally, you have a poor self image, and would often feel depressed. You may also feel isolated and alone.
A bulimia eating disorder can also wreck havoc to your health. In some cases, it can even result in death. Hence preventing a possible bulimia eating disorder relapse is vital. If you do
suspect that a relapse is imminent, seek medical help and counscelling immediately. You need all the support that you can get.

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