Unitive life coaching is an entirely non-directive approach that establishes a creative co-operation between the client and the coach. By encouraging the development of innate self-awareness and uniquely personal modes of expression, our clients are enabled to discover valid solutions to what have been previously perceived as insoluble problems. By realising new and lasting insights into their own internal process, they make the necessary changes they will need to transform their lives.

Our approach is very different to that of psychotherapy and counselling, which aim to correct problems, or of psychoanalysis, which attempts to help you live with them. Instead, unitive coaching facilitates the self-liberating insight that all our personal problems are not ‘out there’ - that they have no actual existence in real life but stem from the acquired and illusory ways in which we have learned to perceive it.

Truly life-changing and effective coaching is concerned with being, not doing. If you want to become aware of who you really are – to start feeling comfortable in your own skin – you’ll need to examine your own habitual outlook on life; discover its hidden and negative function, and work to bring it up to date and relevant to present reality. It’s a demanding and often difficult task, but you’ll find the rewards are enormous.
Personal authenticity is all about experiencing each event in life in the light of present reality, instead of through the distorting mirrors of the past. In order to access your innate sources of personal wisdom, you’ll need first to let go of those bits of your previously acquired stuff that’s now become useless – to cast off your old protective clothing and immerse yourself completely in whatever new experience life may come up with.

Once you’ve become part of that experience, your entire being – mind, body and spirit – will become an instrument for opening up receptive channels of communication between your own true responses and those of the people who share your present environment. Instead of trying to influence events from the outside, you’ll find you’ve become an integral part of them. It’s a magical process: experiencing the power of the present instead of just observing it.

The wide scope of unitive coaching facilitates the innate ability that lies dormant within everyone - to integrate present conflicts between individual need and lifestyle roles and to cope with, and learn through, the process of change.

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Charles Bentley PhD, founder of Life Coach UK, is recognised to be one of the most qualified and experienced life coaching tutors practising in the UK today. For further details go to http://www.lifecoachuk.com