A few people have asked me why I am in multiple MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses. They ask me "isn't that a conflict of interest"? So I thought I'd take a moment here to explain my rationale.

The key reason is that I believe that the focus for any successful business is to provide the right products or services that provide value to the client. I feel that if I promote one product line, then I do my clients a disservice and in fact may be more in conflict from a client point of view. By having several product lines it helps me be more client focused and provides a better choice. Granted, it is more expensive to have many MLM relationships and I'm really blessed that I can maintain them.

So in a nutshell, supporting many lines provides maximum value to the client. I get to choose and experience a wider variety of products and can make a more informed and unbiased opinion on their effectiveness which maximizes value to my clients.

There are, of course some areas that require constant awareness and care. You will find that your "upline" is not always happy that you are working with other product lines and have to sometimes take extreme measures to ensure that you remain in compliance with the terms and conditions of your agreements with each business line.

You must also take great pains to ensure that you do not abuse your relationships by using one line to build your other (often seen as competing) lines. You must also remember and be considerate of who brought you to the party. Although this is very much a constant challenge, the ultimate reward of providing maximum client value. It is a certainly a tricky balancing act but overall I believe this is the best way to provide you with the best client focus.

Author's Bio: 

Steve has over 20 years of experience in the high tech industry and 5 years experience in multi-level marketing. Steve currently is owner and operator of Enhance Life Options which markets several products lines that promote good health.