Are you somebody who is currently or previously self- employed? Are you looking into becoming employed for somebody else while wondering how to include your self-employment experience on your resume? Whenever you present your resume, it is very important to discuss what you have done to put food on your kitchen table and highlight your accomplishments, regardless of the type of work experience you possess. This article demonstrates how you can create an effective resume that focuses on the work experience and skills you have obtained through self-employment.

An excellent method to employ for writing an outstanding resume is to divide your resume into sections that include a good header and bulleted phrases under each header that explain the magnificent contributions you have made. Are you a restaurant owner? If you are, you can use the example below to help write your resume:

*Provide excellent food service to the community as a restaurant owner.
*Oversee a five-star restaurant that serves thousands of satisfied customers each month.

Have you owned your own store? If you have, you may use the example below:

*Learned how to handle several tasks effectively as the owner of a grocery store.
*Gained strong cash-handling skills.
*Developed an aptitude for accountability.
*Trained the employees to help customers through dedication, friendliness and a great knowledge of where every item in the store was located.

Are you a great web designer? Here is a way you can highlight this:

*Create outstanding web sites that convert plenty of visitors into customers.

Have you run a temp service? If so, consider the example below:

*Provided clients with successful consultants as a temp service owner.
*Effectively matched associates with positions that were the right fit for them.

Do you run a law firm? If so, consider this example:

*Oversee the process of proving defendants’ innocence as the owner of a law firm.

Have you owned an accounting service? If so, try the example below:

*Owned an accounting service that helped customers solve their financial problems.
*Ran a tax service that rescued clients from their tax troubles.

Do you make money by writing articles and books or taking surveys? If so, consider this example:

*Educate readers on how to improve their lives as a freelance writer.
*Contribute valuable input to companies as a survey respondent.

Employ the tips you have learned to write a resume that demonstrates how your self-employment experience has been an asset to society!

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