Just as you are, right now, is good enough for you to be the enlightened one that you already are.

Absolutely nothing more for you to do to get it "right." You are already "right." You are the living one itself, the beyondness itself in which all things are begotten from, sustained by, and die back into.

It is the "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your very eyes right now. The moment that "you" are aligned as this "motion of aliveness" - that is you - you are no longer under the illusion that you are the person - the summation of the mind and the body that you drive around through day by day - that you think you are.

You are freed immediately from being bound by an activity that was never ever true of you. You only get lost in "notyou" because you fail to realize just who you are.

Once you realize just who you are is - energetically so, not as a "mantra," an ideal, a philosophy or a concept - you will never be fooled again in the same way.

Many of today's teachers have come to this place where they have "experienced" a moment of who they are but they do not simply abide here. They do not lose who they think they are in the moment by moment beingness of their self, their heart. They talk all "about" what it is like to be the one that is true of everyone. They do not truly "know" who they are and they do not "draw" those who are suffering the illusion of their own creation and sustenance into the "well of being."

This of course, suits their listeners as they do not want to be the big "nothing" that they are, either. "Talking school" is where they feel relatively comfortable, with the "hope" that someday they will "get there," meanwhile suffering the belief of who they think they are.

The immediacy of the heart is ignored - and refused - by the very same one that thinks it is.

Fascinating, this play of the world that is sustained in your own imagination, which is relinquished every night that you lay your head down on the pillow and close your eyes.

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Elysha is a self-realized teacher of enlightenment, helping all who visit to find inner peace through meditation and spiritual practice. Visit him today at www.TrueNatureCentre.com for his free report “7 Steps To Living Your Freedom.”