So what's that supposed to mean, if a chair is not just for sitting? It means that a chair has more than just one role. Sitting obviously is the first role, but the second role is movement.

It is important while you are sitting that your body continues to move actively, or your body will being to suffer from the effects of not moving.

Sitting is not designed to be a static position, where you just sit position and remain like a statue until you are ready to move again.

You may feel like this when you are sitting in an armchair, because you body is more relaxed and in a restful position.

But when you are sitting in an ergonomic chair, your body is designed to be sitting in position ready for active sitting, where movement is the main priority.

It would be better if people tried to use their chair backrest so much, as then they would find that their spine becomes use to sitting in the upright position and then they stop using it so often.

But try asking those people who have to sit all day in employment? Most will complain their back becomes sore by the end of the day, or their feet are swollen.

Both of these indicate that they have not moved their body adequately

The human body is not designed to be still, because our inside body is constantly working hard all the time. We therefore need complement it with constant mobility.

Constant mobility does not mean constant energetic physical exercise such as sit ups, squats. Mobility means small movements, which are so small they are enough to oil those squeaky joints that will have impact on the rest of your skeletal body.

Our body is like a well-oiled machine such as a car. The machine needs constant movement, or it will become rusty and therefore difficult to move.

Stretching those skeletal joints and muscles when sitting, is the best the best way to waken up those rusty joints that have been sleeping comfortably all night in a supine position.

Our body needs the sleep to rest out body in a supine position. There is no pressure on the joints in this position, so you will be comfortable and move naturally throughout the night.

But as soon as we sit down in a chair, we should always be ready to move our skeletal joints. The best way to wake up our body each morning is to start with the Sunrise Salutation. This will stimulate the whole of your upper body, including your spine and your breathing.

So while taking a deep breath, slowly move your hands upwards an reach as far as you are able from the prayer position in front of you and make a slow downward arc with both your arms. Allow your shoulders to feel the stretch and let gravity take over and bring them back down to the resting position on your lap.

You will now feel so much better and ready to start your day of sitting with movement. The combined action will make you more comfortable for prolonged sitting.

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The author Gail McGonigal is a trained & experienced Occupational Therapist, who has her own website for pain-relieving solutions that are successful for erasing her own pain. Gail has learned to deal with chronic pain, without using medical intervention. Gail wants to show you how she has overcome chronic skeletal pain in postural scoliosis and arthritis in both hands, using genuine pain remedies that she accidentally found to be very successful. Now Gail is able to live a pain-free quality of life. Gail has written articles about her solutions that use her own knowledge, to help erase pain using her own active solutions. Please contact Gail through her website if you need help to combat your pain for leading an active quality of life. Gail specializes in the ergonomic chairs for those people too big or too small to fit into a regular ergonomic chair.