Goats in a yoga class! Yes, you heard that right. Goat yoga, the new style of yoga in the yoga community is catching the attention of many across the world. It is creating an inquisitive buzz in the minds of all yoga lovers. It is a unique, fun, and very interesting way of practicing yoga. Traditionally yoga has always been associated with silence, stillness, calm surrounding, and the like. Goat yoga is a slight deviation from that picture. It is calming and effective, but with a difference. It is happiness spread all around with baby goats loitering everywhere wanting to be pet. Goat yoga is a great way of adding a fun group element to yoga. The funny things that the baby goats do end up the class in a laughter riot. This peculiar yoga style is fast gaining popularity. From Hollywood celebrities to young beginners, goat yoga is steadily creating its loyal list of followers.

The idea of bringing together baby goats and a yoga class first came from the mind of Lainey Morse of Oregon. She started conducting these yoga classes with baby goats as a part of “goat therapy” when she was going through a low phase in life. She owned a farm with few goats as pets. Initially, she started what she calls “goat happy hour”, where people come and spend some fun time with these little animals in a natural farm environment. Soon she became very popular and just then a yoga instructor, Heather Davis suggested her to try combining yoga with baby goats. And the rest is history.

So, let us understand what is baby goat yoga? It is the practice of the usual regular yoga poses but in the presence of baby goats. It is a very unique experience because of the presence of the cute goat babies who want to get petted and are constantly pecking caressing you with their tiny noses. While performing poses that require you to lie flat, be sure that these tiny babies are going to playfully climb on you. Of course, there are enough helping assistants available to keep a check on these playful babies to avoid any accidents. Also, there are chances that these cute little animals may pee on your mat although it is unlikely as they are thoroughly attended to before every class. However, if that situation indeed arises, do not worry as all instructors keep the necessary sanitizing equipments ready.

How is baby goat yoga different?

Baby goat yoga is a very fun form of yoga. It is different and interesting. Some points which make this style different are:

The goats intensify the yoga poses by crawling on your body and thus adding weight.
It is a fun way to relax and de-stress.
Baby goat yoga is excellent for those who are fighting depression.
It is a great way to bond with nature.
Baby goat yoga acts like an animal therapy for those who are recovering from long illnesses and other trauma.
Practicing baby goat yoga acts like a therapy.

So, the next time you want to spice up your yoga sessions, make sure you sign up for a baby goat yoga class. You will enjoy it to the fullest and surely leave with a big broad smile and lots of insta-worthy selfies.

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