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Do you find yourself dissuaded by one negative thought after another all throughout the day? This happens to a lot of people, usually without their full awareness of it. Unfortunately, these negative thought patterns can wreak a lot of unnoticed havoc in our lives.

Here’s how to protect yourself from these silent but deadly thought killers:

1. Identify your negative thought patterns. The first step in transforming your thought patterns from negative to positive is to identify which thought patterns you have are destructive. Negative thoughts that are not identified have the most power to do the most damage in your life. Thus, your mind has to see these thoughts for what they really are. This way, your mind will gradually develop an awareness of the negative effects of these thoughts and will slowly build a resistance against them.

If you are up for it, get yourself a small notebook and keep a pen handy. Write down all the negative thoughts that attack your head during the day. Take down notes about what triggered these thoughts. These thought triggers may be objects, events, or even people.

2. Choose to change them. Now, you did not just identify your negative thought patterns just to watch them do their dirty work. You lined them up so you will recognize them and have the free choice to change them. Once you make the choice, you can now move on to making actual plans on how to change them.

3. Formulate a reprogramming plan. Take your negative thought notebook; beside each negative thought that commonly pollutes your mind, write down an alternative positive thought.

Here are some examples:

He is better than me. – I have my own strengths.
I don’t belong. – I am unique.
I will never have enough money. – I will grab more opportunities to make more money.
I’ll always live a boring, worthless life. – I will look for new hobbies and interests to expand myself.
I’ll never get the job that I want. – I will apply for my dream job position.
No one really appreciates me. – I am self-assured and know my worth.

You can use these positive thoughts to rewire the way you think. Each time you find yourself thinking negatively again, immediately change it into a positive thought. Focus your mind on the positive thoughts you have come up with, so your subconscious mind will absorb them and eventually fully believe them.

4. Start a new list. Since changes are underway, you can now begin a new list. Instead of listing down the negative thought patterns in your life, now you can begin listing down all the positive thoughts and positive things that you come across with on a daily basis. By listing them down, you are making your mind really look for them instead of the negative things. This way, you will be able to acknowledge the areas of your life that are going smoothly. Make sure to develop a grateful attitude for all the things that do go right. This attitude is bound to attract more positive things into your life.

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