Time is such an odd subject to talk about. We’re either trying to speed it up, slow it down, or just plain stop it. Sometimes it could be that fraction of a micro second between life and death, or hope and despair. Let’s look at the phrase “Time awaits no one.” You can actually sum up this whole blog on that true statement. Of course time awaits no one, time doesn’t stand still. With that being said, let’s further look into the reason we want time to stop. We want to treasure that moment, for a few more…moments, hours, days…forever. That could be the day you graduated, the day you were married, the day you saw your child being born, or that last kiss. Just one more memory, just one more second, you can freeze time in your mind; forever going back to it. The memory is a fabulous thing

Then there are times you wish to speed things up a bit. That important date with that certain someone is only a couple of days away. Then there is the raise that you’re going to get once this deal goes through. Of course we can’t forget about the mail, getting those college acceptance papers in the mail. Oh I wish the mail would get here already! Then there’s the ultimate job proposal, or the baby is overdue. Oh yes, there are so many things that we look forward too. It might just be as simple as a paycheck that you get on Friday, but it’s only Monday.

Now let’s talk about the moment; the here and now, the moment you can’t get back. It’s all about taking the unknown and learning. It’s about turning the uncaring, into the caring. It is all about transforming your thoughts, your present beliefs into awareness outside of just you, putting it out into the universe. It’s accepting the past and transforming what you learned from the past and presenting them to the universe so they may help others. The present moment is about enlightenment. You just have to become aware of that fact so that your next moment will be substantiated. It’s equivalent to a cause and effect theory. Take what you can from this moment and then improve upon the next.

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