It is the most heart-rending experience when someone very close to us departs from this life. During the cremation process, the human body, which is complex and wonderful, is reduced to cremation ashes due to intense heat. The ashes of cremation of each body receive a different unique chemical signature. At the end of the cremation process, the ashes are collected in an urn and taken away by the family of the deceased. Many families preserve them in urns or incorporate them into jewelry and art to memorize and respect their loved one after departing this earth. They keep the urn at the cemetery itself or take it home to be kept carefully at a visible place. This is a great relief to many. Urns are now available in different styles and models and come in different materials. They range from biodegradable to metal urns. A short description of the various types of urns based on materials and various factors to be considered are as follows.

Biodegradable Urns: - The biodegradable urns are ideal for water burial as they float, sink, and dissolve in water.

Metal Urns are the most durable urns.
Gold Urns: The 24 karat gold plated urns are the spectacular ones and are the best to commemorate the loved one. Decorated gold plated urns are also available in the US.
Silver Urns: Silver urns are beautiful and are a great way to represent dignity.
Brass Urns: Most popular among the metal urns are brass urns. They are the most durable urns available for keeping at home.
Copper Urns: Handmade copper urns are also available. They are artistic and beautiful.
Stainless Steel Urns: The urns made of stainless steel, keeps up its glow and doesn’t get rusted or dis-colored.
Aluminum Urns: The aluminum urns are lightweight, durable, and cheaper and hence more affordable.

Glass Urns: Glass Urns are gorgeous, artistic, and are the treasures to store the ashes of the loved one.

Wooden Urns: Wooden urns are classic traditional urns. The details of the loved one can be engraved on it as a tribute.

Ceramic Urns: Ceramic Urns are known for their beauty since olden times. Each of the handcrafted ceramic urns is unique and special as the deceased person was.

There are also types of urns that have a candle holder along with a small space for storing ashes. Candles can also be attached to this kind of urn. Lighting the candle on an anniversary or birthday is a beautiful way for the remembrance of the loved one.

Factors to be considered while choosing urns:

Size of the urn needed: The urn should be brought according to the size needed, which can be found out from the crematorium especially if it is decided to place the cremations in the cemetery.

Budget: Though aluminum urns are the most affordable ones, a variety of models and styles of urns are available in different materials, budget and price range should be decided before selecting the urn.

Based on the final Disposition of ashes: As per the plan, if the urn is to be displayed at home then some unique attractive ones can be selected as a tribute to the loved one. A theme-based decorated urn can be preferred, for example, if the person was a sportsman, then such a theme can be selected. Companion urns can be selected for the ashes of couples. Wood is not durable for displaying it outdoors. If the cremains are buried, then marble can be a good option. If the plan is to float the cremation ashes in the water, then biodegradable or water-soluble urns should be used. If you have to travel through flight then ashes have to be carried in cloth, plastic or transparent glass. Stone or metal urns are difficult to pass through the security check lines. It’s always better to confirm with the airline before buying the urn for traveling. Accordingly, a temporary airline safe urn can be used, and later it can be transferred finally to the other one as per the wish.

Choosing the best urn as per the needs and personalizing it or selecting the best one as per the hobbies and passions of the loved one, is a beautiful tribute for remembering them forever, in addition to giving a place for them at heart. Beautiful urns are also available with the funeral service providers. Contact Faith Funeral Services for all funeral needs.

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Janie Singleton, owner, previously worked in manufacturing and mortgage banking before starting her career in the funeral industry in 2008. She is a licensed funeral director in Arkansas and a fully licensed life insurance agent in Arkansas and Missouri. Janie is a member of the Lions Club of Manila, the Manila Business Womens Club, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, and BNI of Jonesboro.