Are you aware of just how damaging negative self-talk really is? It can ruin your day and prevent you from realizing your dreams. If you aren’t earning the amount of money you want, or aren’t in the career or business you want, it could be because of the negative stories you are telling yourself on a regular basis. We call it negative self-talk.

So what is your self-talk? Are you telling yourself what a great, influential, and successful person you are, how great it is to be you, that you are leading a happy, joyful, successful life?

Or are you reminding yourself about how far behind you are, your past failures that are holding you back, the mistakes you constantly make because of your incompetence? If you have said yes to the latter scenario, I have good news. You can change that negative self-talk at any time.

In spiritual life coaching, we work on the inside in order to change the outside. So if you don’t like the way things are going for you on the outside, you need to assess what’s going on inside your brain (or your mindset). Most people aren’t even aware of their self-talk and how it determines their mindset. The first step to eliminating negativity in your life is to stop putting so much attention on it. You can do that by eliminating negative self-talk.

I’d like to give you a little exercise to eliminate that negative self-talk. Take a piece of paper and write down the qualities and life of the person you aspire to be. This will be your script. Then record yourself reading your script and listen to it every morning before you start your day, preferably before you get out of bed.

Here’s some samples of what you can include in your script:

“Good morning, {your name}. It’s a brand new day, full of awesome possibilities. And I’m going to have a great day.
I want to start the day by feeling gratitude for a few things that are going well in my life {list a few things}.
Today I will remember that I choose my thoughts, I am in control of my thoughts. So if I have a negative thought, I can replace it with something that supports me.

{Examples of supportive thoughts:}
I am a remarkable person with many wonderful gifts to share with the world.
I choose to create joy and pleasure and happiness today.
I decide to make the best possible choices for me, and my business.
I choose to attract the money I need today.
I am choosing financial success.
I choose my power and my beauty in the present over worrying about the future or lamenting about the past.
I invite and embrace my Divine inner guidance and wisdom to be present with me today.”

You can start with this kind of simple script.I hope you can see that these statements are things that are true. They are not affirmations about something that you want to be true but conflict in your mind with your current situation. When you say that you are choosing something, there is no mental conflict.

By listening to your recording in your own voice every day, you will be programming your mind with supportive, positive ideas. And that’s the easiest way to eliminate negative self-talk and change the stories you are telling yourself.

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