Now that you have returned from your holiday season and have begun your New Year… the question is how much of your work and life is actually going to be “new” for 2012?

Are your business expectations and self expectations genuinely optimistic, guarded or rather uncertain? Your answer to this question lies entirely in your beliefs of what is possible for you in the coming year. Whether you choose to believe for a little or a lot is entirely up to you. The key point to realize is that it is first and foremost a conscious “choice”.

Moreover, will you make the choice to become part of the economic solution?

I would ask you to consider that again in 2011 the casualty list for “big business” has been enormous. Just over a week ago Sears/K-Mart announced the closing of 100+ locations. The other brand names that went out of business or closed retail outlets in the past year include Blockbuster, Borders, GAP, Anchor Blue, F.Y.E., Foot Locker, Talbot’s, Friendly’s, Pier One and Lowe’s. Even Macy’s, J.C.Penny, Walmart Marketside and BJ’s found themselves having to shut down many store locations and substantially reduce their staffing. And as of late this afternoon… the Hostess brand that manufacture’s Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes has also filed for bankruptcy.

The obvious media storyline revolves around how bad the economic recession has been, how so many workers have lost their jobs and the resultant impact on both the uncertain economy and the wary consumer. However, there is a whole other not-so-obvious side to these big business events than you may be missing and which the main stream media is not covering.

What I’m driving at it this… big business is exactly what it says it is… BIG. In many ways too big for its own good. It’s all in how you choose to look at it. Big business is cumbersome in that it is slow in being able to deal with and respond to change. Its decision making processes are complex and slow. Retooling costs a fortune and takes time. Big business is laden with heavy debt and economic structures. Its ability to innovate is bogged down in lengthy and often questionable research and development projects. What’s more customer service, satisfaction and loyalty are continuing to decline.

Conversely, small business owners are agile and lean by comparison, and are therefore far better able to respond to changing markets and trends. You are able to make more expedient business decisions that are free from the procession of endless management and committee meetings. Small business has always been able to innovate and bring new products and ideas swiftly to the consumer market. The garage based small business start-ups like HP and Apple have clearly demonstrated this ability and the innovation capability of the budding entrepreneur.

Of equal significance is the fact that small business is historically responsible for creating 60% - 80% of all new jobs. The reality is that it is you the small business owner that holds the key to economic growth and future prosperity.

There has never been a more perfect time than now to raise your business expectations and performance bar to the extreme. This is not the time to hang back and wait for things to turn around in their own good time. Especially with the fact that there are more no cost and low cost ways to promote your business than ever before! So, why not get more aggressive about the results that you want to achieve in 2012?

The other important factor that you need to realize as a small business owner is that you have the direct ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with your prospective customers and existing clients. As well, you have the capability to provide a level of personal service that big business for all intents and purposes is incapable of delivering.

When you take the time to really consider the big picture for business in 2012 and beyond… It is the small business enterprise that is going to fill the void of the big business organizations that have gone under or have been forced to downsize.

It is small business that is going to create the jobs, reshape the business landscape, invigorate the economy and fuel future prosperity.

I encourage you to make the conscious choice to be part of the economic solution and become a vibrant member of the small business revolution that radically grows their business in 2012!

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