The definition of being ‘really busy’ seems to have changed over the last 10 years. We are juggling jobs with additional responsibilities and children with multiple activities. On top of this we are trying to keep up with the daily tasks of managing a home. Many look to the garden as a way to escape from the busyness of life. A garden can be a well-planned large space in your yard, a window box, a corner of the deck, or even just a single plant. Creating something or some space to cause you to take a time-out from being busy is a welcome change.

A birdbath fountain can serve as headquarters in your garden. It’s the spot to focus your attention on to begin relaxing. The continuously flowing water of a fountain creates a strong focal point for the practice of meditation, yoga and Tai Chi. Opting for a solar birdbath fountain gives you flexibility in where to place it. There is no need to situate the solar fountain near an electrical source. The only requirement for operation is that the solar panel be in direct sunlight. Some solar birdbath fountains have the solar panel and pump system located in the basin of the fountain, while others have a remote solar panel connected to the pump with a cable that is at least ten feet long. Solar fountains can have the option of a backup battery for extended operation. This Solar-On-Demand feature of many fountains invites you to either store energy from the sun during the day, or use the battery to provide uninterrupted power to the pump. At night, the backup battery will operate the pump for up to five hours. Solar birdbath fountains cost nothing to operate and provide many years of enjoyment.

There are numerous low growing shrubs that you could plant or place around your solar birdbath fountain to create a private oasis. A few good examples are: The Dwarf Barberry ‘Crimson Pigmy’ which grows 2 feet high and spreads to 3 feet, the Dwarf Abelia ‘Little Richard’ which grows to about 2 feet in height and spreads 2-3 feet, and the Diosma ericoides ‘Pink Fountain’ also grows to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. All three of these shrubs will thrive in full sun, which will also be needed for the solar birdbath fountain.

Solar birdbath fountains invite the birds to visit because the bird’s eyes are attracted to moving water over stagnant water. Re-circulating water prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs, and keeps other insects away. Getting close to nature invites you to release stress and step away from your busy day. The trick is to allow yourself a little time to do nothing else but relax and enjoy your garden.

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Cecelia Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a special interest in stress relief, gardening and solar products. To find out more about Solar Water Fountains please visit her website: