A Shift in Energy

Notes to Myself

I have been trying to write for the past few weeks but haven't been able to muster up any energy or put into words what I am thinking and feeling. I find I have enough energy to get the basics done and then after that all I can do is relax and do what I enjoy. I am appreciating the solitude and harmony of just going with the flow and be-ing in the moment.

This is a very powerful time we are in, as you must know or feel on some level. The shifts and changes are monumental and life altering. Even if you don't see results of the changes happening quite yet, trust me, you will see the physical evidence soon enough.

We are entering a time of instant manifestation of all our needs and desires. I've had abundance pouring in all summer long, all in ways I hadn't expected or would have imagined. Whenever I receive abundance, in any way, I say this little prayer to myself. "Thank you God for the abundance pouring forth from the Universe. I gratefully and gracefully accept it and ask for more." I have learned to feel worthy and deserving of accepting good things and knowing that I will always be provided for.

Its amazing how once I totally let go of worrying and wondering how my needs would be met, that the right amount of abundance would show up just when I needed it. As soon as I have a bout of energy and time, I will receive an offer to gain compensation in various ways, which provide for all of the things I need or want. I am learning how to just be in the flow and let things come to me, and leave, as they need to. The opportunities are all creative, fun and match my energy level and interests. It’s amazing how thing happen when we are in the flow!

I feel as if this time has been like the children's game, pick up sticks. You take all the sticks and drop them in a pile than you pick up one stick at a time without touching any of the ones touching or near it. In this way, you are very focused and aware of the task that you are accomplishing. There is a stick labeled relationships, finances, security issues, patterns, thought processes, emotions/feelings, and physical ailments. We are being shown how to let go of scattered thinking and focus on the task at hand. As we pick up each stick, resolve each issue, it clears the way and makes a space to face and tackle the next one.

Many of us are feeling as if we are waking up from a daze. We have been sleep walking through our lives, not living mindfully and failing to notice many things that have gone on around us. We are seeing things through new eyes, with a new awareness of the possibilities and challenges. When we slow down and focus on one thing at a time we can see the solutions so much more easily.

This summer has been about tying up loose ends, resolving issues and completing unfinished business. I feel that at the beginning of this year all the pick up sticks were scattered and now as each one gets the special care and attention it needs, the seemingly endless and overburdening load is diminishing. I am taking the opportunity to honor my needs, by giving myself extra time to relax and do what I please. We are learning how to just be.

We are experiencing three powerful eclipses this summer. The first eclipse has already taken place. The New Moon Solar Eclipse, which occurs tonight and the third which takes place at the beginning of August. It is a balancing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. I feel we are finding the balance between doing (masculine energy) which helps us get things going and accomplished and the being (feminine energy) of receiving. All is necessary and appropriate as we follow our energy level, the signs from the Universe and just going with the flow. We are in the middle of the shift and just need to flow with it.

Since yesterday I have felt really strong waves of energy in my lower chakras as my need for security (root), creative flow, sexual needs and desires (sacral) and being in my power, taking control of my life (solar plexus) are being balanced and harmonized. As these huge waves of energy overcome me, I feel my heart opening and expanding to even greater depths of love and gratitude. I have been super sensitive this summer, ever since the first eclipse, feeling almost translucent, shimmering waves as the 3D world shifts in and out of soft focus. All of my senses are magnified and enhanced. I have stayed very much inward, feeling overwhelmed by too many sights and sounds.

As I have refrained from communicating with and being around many people and being very introverted, my telepathic and empathic abilities have become heightened and increased. I feel as one mode of communication is temporarily shut down, new ones are opening up. I sense we are being rewired for handling higher frequencies that are more in alignment with the new energy.

I need only think of someone and connect with their energy than I can easily know what they are thinking and feeling. It is quite overwhelming and so powerful to feel such strong connections. I am keeping my boundaries as the module switches are internally being adjusted to a time and place where I can control the amount of sensory information I am receiving. I am also finding people are connecting with my energy very easily and getting energy boosts or lifts from the pulsating energy within and around me. I feel like I'm a human electric socket!!

I spent the day yesterday just relaxing and doing what I enjoy. I have really shifted from thinking and doing into just being. Somewhere within the day I came into the feeling that I believe in true love. Through my life experiences I have become disillusioned with love and learned to shut down my heart. I was in survival mode and had to focus on the day-to-day tasks of doing what needed to get done. In letting go of the old ways of doing and being, and shifting into the new energy, I have let go of the old thought and feeling patterns. I discovered that in my core I know that true love is possible. I am renewing my faith and belief in the beauty of love. It is in allowing ourselves to be raw, vulnerable and open that we are able to shed the old skins and be born anew, within this life and this body.

The old is ending and we are beginning anew. Nothing is in form quite yet. We sense the glimmers of what is to come. If we can manage not to get attached to the outcome and continue to release the old, we can gently and with ease shift into the new energy.


Thank you God for the abundance pouring forth from the Universe. I gratefully and gracefully accept it and ask for more.

I release my attachment to outcomes. I release the old and allow the new to unfold with ease and grace.

I believe in true love.

And so it is.


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Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus.