Blood rushes to your face, every hair stands on-end, and if you could scream, you would! You are being agitated. Maybe your spouse, child or boss just poured salt on a gaping wound, or possibly an enemy coup just cost you your family, home or health. In its every form, agitation incites an instant reaction.

What you choose to do during the first 60 seconds will radically affect your future.

The goal of all agitation is to change the actions, attitudes or acquiescence of others. It is frequently abused by individuals, organizations and political engines; but in all cases, God wants to use it for good.

Agitation is aggravating: that is its goal. The first 60-seconds of engagement are critical. If you behave like cream, you'll be whipped into butter; if you are as brave as a brick, you might break the spoon, but you will remain hardened and rough.

It is when you choose to view yourself as clay, or gold-ore, that you will invite the Potter's hand and Refiner's fire to purify and release the beauty inside you through otherwise unthinkable circumstances.

The Bible addresses agitation in two ways:

1 - As evil. We are instructed to "turn the other cheek" if struck by an enemy. In the first 60 seconds, we are to neither run nor fight, but to stand still and entrust ourselves to God as He brings about the best in a bad situation.

2 - As good. We are to "stir up one another toward love and good deeds." Again, if agitated, we are to stand still and let God do His work in us.

Viewing and responding to agitation as a tool in the hand of God does not guarantee a pain-free journey, but it does release the fullness of spiritual power into any situation, thereby insuring the best possible outcomes.

Upon recognition of agitation, ACT:

Accept it.
- Identity the sudden, violent, unwanted intrusion.
- Face it for what it is; do not pretend it away.
- Remember Jesus, Who received His abuse without a word.

Choose God.
- Praise God that He alone is big enough to protect you and your future.
- Release to God the safety of everyone involved.
- Confess any known or unknown sins to God.

Take action.
- Ask Jesus to talk to you about this from His perspective.
- Observe, forgive and love the agitator through the power of Christ.
- Stand still, step aside or swing into action as the Spirit leads.

Use the Christian acronym for WHY:

Willing. Be willing to submit yourself to God's choices for you.
Helpless. Recognize your helplessness to fix, control or tame yourself or others.
Yield. Give yourself over to God.

During the first 60-seconds of any agitation, large or small, hostile or honorable, choose to emerge better and more useful to God than ever before. When agitated, don't react, WHY ACT! Be willing, helpless and yielded; accept it, choose God and take Spirit-led action. Join in the faith of Joseph as he said to his brothers, "What you meant for evil, God intended for good."

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