Sometimes you hit a roadblock and you wonder; ok, what is it going to take to get me to the next level? What can I do that I haven’t already done? Am I not searching in the right area? So, what can you do to get past this little bump in the road and continue on to be more proactive in your search?
First of all your roadblock could be on a professional level or a personal level. It doesn’t matter if your sales have slowed down, or it takes longer for you to get in that meditative state. Here are a few things to think about:

1. Clarity-get focused on what you want to accomplish.
2. Forget all else-this means don’t get sidetracked with anything
3. Do you really want to do this-important question
4. Make time-make sure you are setting aside the necessary time to accomplish what you desire. Trying to squeeze in a few minutes here or there might now have the effect that giving your undivided attention will get.
5. End result-visualize it. See it, believe it, become it. It will happen Get a clear picture of what it is that you are seeking.
6. Clear the clutter-before you pick up the phone to make that sales call, or before you close your eyes to meditate, stop and take a few deep breaths. Clear all thoughts. Breathe in and feel it all the way to your stomach, breath out releasing and anxiety and fears. Do this 3 times and feel the stress leave your body. Now you are ready to meditate and make the sales call. Be happy and get geared up for it, put that smile on your face and make that sale.

After you have done these things and thought about what you truly want, it might appear that what you once enjoyed you have become tired of. For an example, if you’ve had the same job for 10 or more years, you might now have the desire to do it anymore. So you will have to do some serious soul searching to see it you would want to continue doing it or not. Don’t give up though; there are ways to switch up your work routine. There are different ways to approach things. All it takes is to focus on what you want your end result to be.

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