Mod menus have emerged out of obscurity and have grown to become a sensation in the world of mobile gaming. Today, we will get you familiarized with what they are, the way they function, their features, as well as a download guide.

If you love having a shootout on PUBG or you're a hardcore Phantom X player or maybe you are in the category of guys in search of hacks or cheats for Roblox games, then there's a chance you've heard or come across the term mod menu.

It is the rave of the moment especially in the mobile gaming community but in case you are yet to catch up on this trend, we are here to help get you familiarized with what it is, the way it functions, and what hacks it has to offer.

What Is a Mod Menu?

A mod menu is of immense benefit to mobile game modding. It is a literal modded game client which comes with extra add-ons or a floating in-game menu that allows configuration as well as enabling or disabling different cheats and hacks that come with a mod.

Mod Menus can simply be said to be mods with a menu. Their main function is for "configuring" mods that are inside a game so that you're able to adjust different options to your taste instead of just settling for the way it was intended by the mod creator.

For instance, let's say you're playing the vanilla game, Among Us in the modified version. If you choose to use the Real Dudes Inc mod menu options integrated into it, a lot of things can be changed to suit your preferences. You can turn on some parts like Always Impostor On while others remain Off.

Mod Menus such as the Cherax are in high demand among mobile gamers, compared to PC game trainers. They have an abundance of features and are easier to use than standard mods, all thanks to the possibility of toggling hacks on and off individually.

How Do Mod Menus Work?

It is one thing to implement Mod Menu in a game and another thing to learn how it works. As a matter of fact, Mods are developed by highly seasoned modders like those at Real Dudes Inc and a noob would be required to understand some programming languages like Java and C++ at the basic level before going on to develop one.

Most Mod Menus are available as downloadable game file formats which are made possible through reverse engineering processes. However, the mod menu code can be injected into a game's memory using game hacking tools like GameGuardian and Cheat Engine.

Features Of Mod Menu

They say, "cheaters are winners", but if you think this is not a true statement, then you would likely have a change of view when you explore all the numerous options assembled in a game mod menu.

Whether God Mode, Gold, Gems, Skill Points, Levels, XP, Items, No Clip, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Health, or anything else, you have the opportunity to enable just about any cheat that interests you in offline single-player games.

For many online multiplayer games, there are Aimbot, Speedhack, No Recoil, ESP, Teleporting, Wallhack, Infinite Ammo, and several other hacks which guarantee 100% victory in all the match rounds.

To be frank, the game itself determines the kind of features present in a mod menu for a particular game. Options like Infinite Jump, Drunk Mode, and others are mostly available in Roblox Mod Menu, they can hardly be found in Among Us Mod Menu.

So the endless list of features that come with a mod menu varies according to the game, and you should know that not every hack is possible to execute.

For Roblox, Dragon City, and other online-based games that handle important data on the server-side, it is impossible to hack things like Levels, Currencies, Unlock All Items, and more.

Therefore, we advise you to not let your hopes too high!

Mod Menu Download Guide

There is no doubt that Mod Menus will be a game-changer in mobile game modding. Though quite common among Android gamers, they bring something completely unique to the table, so you should beware of sites that claim to offer preloaded mod menus with even highly unlikely options.

Most Mod Menus are classified under freemium, but they are mostly loaded with ads and in some cases malware. If you have too many concerns or you are maybe worried about your device being at risk of getting infected by a virus, then we recommend you go premium. By doing this, you would not only be supporting the modders but also encouraging them. To get the best Mod Menus, a good place to begin your search is the Real Dudes Inc website.


It is a straightforward process to play any video game where you get to participate in any game of your interest and go on to play them without any kind of threats in your way. Though most of the games can't be won, you can achieve victory in a game by using various game hacks which will put defeat out of the question. You can use the mod menus for the popular GTA 5 game which demands plenty of skill and competitiveness while playing. You can do all these with the help of various websites, for example, Real Dudes Inc, that provide you with a dynamic way to play these games ahead and win them as it interests you.

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