Are you suffering from anger related problems? We have all faced moments when we couldn’t keep our anger in check. Some events and certain people often get on our nerves. In such situations, we feel the urge to lash out at the person who is causing us irritation. Anger may be caused by a number of factors. While certain factors are external, other factors are internal. Anger is the normal response that our bodies provide when it receives threat. This threat can be caused by anything. Anger can also stem from various aspects of our life. We may be frustrated and disappointed and because of this we may feel angry and cranky. No matter what your reasons are, behaving aggressively is never acceptable, no matter how angry you are.

When angry, we generally have the urge to lash out at the person who made us angry. However, this is probably the worst way to handle the situation. There are other ways of expressing emotions and you need to learn non-aggressive ways of channeling your anger out. Here are some quick tips that you can use for controlling your increasing temper:

Go for jogging or go for a walk:
When angry, we mainly focus on hurting or saying hurtful things to the person who hurt us or made us angry. The only way to vent this energy is to release it in some other way. That is why the best idea for you would be to go for jogging or walk whenever you feel you are about to lose it. Physical exertion will tire you down and it is more likely to release that anger that you were feeling before. The exercise gives your body an outlet for venting anger without causing harm to others.

Take a time-out:
It is known to be quite a helpful remedy that helps us get our anger under control. This is another strategy that is used on children. When children misbehave or fight with other children, they are asked to take a time-out. This helps them “cool down”. When you take a time-out, try and think about the reason you became mad. Try to reason things. Is your behavior justified? When you think deeply about your behavior, you may be able to realize that there could have been a better way of expressing your emotions.

Walk away:
If a certain person is causing irritation or making you angry, you must try and avoid that person. for example, if someone at your workplace is causing you unnecessary problems and provoking you to get a reaction out of you, you must not get into conflict. Suppress your urge to retort back. Leave the room if possible and go away from the trigger.

If anger is becoming a regular problem for you and it is getting out of your control despite your constant efforts to control it, try reading Anger Management Books. These books have tips and suggestions on how you can vent your anger without being aggressive.

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David Smith has knowledge and expertise in areas of anger and stress management. He suggests people suffering from this problem to Read Anger Management Books.