Anger management techniques can help improve your relationships and lead to a healthier, happier life. Everyone feels angry sometimes. Anger management techniques can help us manage our anger in more productive ways

Anger management technique #1 –Understanding anger. Anger is a state of mind created by reacting negatively to something upsetting. When we are angry our thoughts zero in on the bad and we cannot see the whole picture. Our minds exaggerate the negative giving us incomplete information about the situation at hand. Remembering that we are not seeing the full picture is one of the most effective anger management techniques.

Anger management technique #2 –Wait. Anger management technique #2—Pause. We rarely get good outcomes from lashing out and harming other people. Removing yourself from the situation, if only briefly, will give you the time you need to return to a better head space.

Anger management technique #3 --Talking it out. When you are feeling tense about something or are upset, talking about it, even briefly, can help diffuse an explosive situation. Talking about the situation addresses the root cause of the problem and brings it out into the open so you can deal with it.

Anger management technique #4 – Picturing alternatives. Visualizing how you could respond differently to feeling angry will make it more likely that you actually respond that way in the future.

Anger management technique #5 – Hit the gym. {Physical exercise is almost a panacea to the stresses of modern life.

Anger can result from a multitude of everyday situations. You may not be able to change the situation but you can train your mind to respond differently to them. Anger management techniques can help you find more constructive ways for responding to situations that make you angry and build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy relationships.

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Dr. Joe James is a psychologist who is the developer of several online anger management classes.