It’s not always easy to tell if you’re suffering from addiction yourself. As a chronic disease that affects the brain’s motivation as well as memory and reward functions, the condition often progresses in a way that’s subtle and undetected.
Only when the symptoms worsen do you start realizing that you’ve developed an addiction. By then, it’s too late: the compulsion is already too strong that professional help is the only recourse you have. If you’re taking pain meds, make sure you watch out for the following signs of addiction.

Lack of Control

One of the most general symptoms associated with worsening drug use is the lack of control. Are you finding it harder and harder to stop using the drug? When you tell yourself to stop, only to find yourself unable to do so, because taking drugs or alcohol has become a compulsion for you, that’s a sign of addiction. If you know that taking the drug or drinking alcohol is impacting your health negatively, but you still can’t help yourself, that’s a clear indication that you are already suffering from substance abuse.

Decreased Socialization

Addiction doesn’t just take away your control—it also becomes the sole focus of your existence that hobbies, people, and activities that you used to be passionate about no longer bear any importance. Everything else takes second or even third place to your addiction. That also means you spend less time on socializing as you are no longer interested in anything else—only in when or how you’ll get your next fix or dose. If your addiction to drugs or alcohol is causing you to abandon commitments or ignore the people in your life, it’s time to seek out professional help from reputable
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Taking Risks

Addiction clouds your mind. With your sole focus on getting high or getting your hands on the next bottle, you start to engage in risky behaviors that put your safety and health at risk. For instance, are you sharing needles despite the harmful and potentially fatal consequences that may give rise to? If you drink to the point that you black out, you’re taking terrible risks with your physical safety. Also, too much alcohol consumption means loss of your inhibitions, which could lead you to engage in casual, unsafe intercourse. If you’re drinking yourself home, sliding behind the wheel of your car while under the influence can lead to an accident on the road.

Physical Problems

Prolonged addiction to alcohol can lead to serious health complications like cirrhosis. In the same, if you’ve been taking drugs for a long time, you’re likely to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking drugs. You’ll also start getting immune to the drug, which means you’ll need to up the dosage just to achieve the same high. If you’re an alcoholic, you’ll develop a tolerance for the alcohol, so it takes you longer to feel intoxicated. In both cases, though, the drug or alcohol changes the way your brain works, leading to addiction over time.

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