The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple. We all use this formula to reach our objectives, whether we know it or not. It has been an integral part of my own achievement experience.

The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity. Many people have listened to experts or read their books and have been all fired up with that can-do approach. But soon the fire goes out and they never get going, they never take the first step, or they quit too easily. This won't happen when you know your genuine Core Desires and apply the Success Attitude formula.

SA = (CD + D) x PA + P

Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence

A Success Attitude is a frame of mind that allows you to accomplish whatever you want because you know that you can create the opportunity and then make it happen. You may not necessarily know how you will create the opportunity, you just know that you have the ability to learn whatever it takes to acquire the attributes, skills, and characteristics needed. With this foundation, you need only identify what you really want to learn about and then find a mentor to shorten your learning curve.

Remember that you are smart enough to learn whatever someone is willing to teach you. With the skill and attitude you learn from a mentor, you can then create the opportunity and make it happen. You may surprise yourself with the things you can do. You will acquire the talent and attitudes needed thanks to your Core Desires and your Conquering Force.

When you have faith and confidence in yourself, you will do more and attempt to do more. The ancient Greeks defined faith as "action out of confidence." The more confidence you have, the more action you will take.

Where can you get more faith and confidence? You can borrow it from someone who has plenty of it-from those who are already successful at whatever you want to learn- whether it's skiing, swimming, marriage, or business. When you apply what they have taught you, you will achieve the results as promised, thus greatly increasing your faith. When you exercise your faith, you will become a more confident and faith-full person.

Use those strong, powerful, and heartfelt desires-those that measure 100 on the Core Desire Scale-to succeed at anything. Find the overwhelming, overarching desire that is so strong it will tap into the Conquering Force. The only thing that will cause you to do what is unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or even scary is knowing it is worth it. Your comfort zone is what you have right now in your life.
If you want more out of your life, you must move into the discomfort zone-a much larger circle. The longer you stay in the discomfort zone, the more comfortable you become. Before long, the perimeter of the first circle disappears and your comfort zone will encompass this new, larger circle.

How large would you like your comfort zone to be? It can be as big as you'd like. You can choose to place no limits on yourself. If you can learn, you can do, have, or become whatever you want.

When I ask people, "How are you creating opportunity?" I hear many excuses. I have a rebuttal for each excuse-I've used them all myself. But what it really comes down to is, do you want it or not? If a person says he would like to learn to swim but is afraid of water, my response is very objective: Do you want to learn to swim or not? It's your choice. If the desire is big enough, you will do it even if
the fear is there. It is that simple. Our limiting paradigms are what make it seem so hard.

Once, a woman timidly approached me and told me that she really wanted to take a job but was concerned that she wasn't "cut out for that kind of work."

"When you were cut out, what were you cut out for?" I asked. She saw herself as "just a housewife." When I ask people, "What are you?" I hear such things as 'Tm just a secretary," "just a truck driver," "just a plumber," "just a mom." People label themselves as "just-a." This "just-a" attitude is a way of downplaying your current roles. If you aren't happy in your current roles, you can change
them.Everyone is "just-a" human being with all the abilities and attributes God gave us at birth. We can do, have, or become whatever our hearts desire. The potential of any human being is immense.

There will always be those who tell you "it can't be done." Some people-out of love or concern-may advise you not to move forward based on their opinion and limited experience. Without fail, those people who advise against breaking out of a rut and paint scary pictures of failure have never been successful on their own. Remind yourself not to listen to negative people who have never accomplished what you intend to do. People cannot bring you to a level they have never achieved-they can't teach you what they do not know themselves.But they sure can be discouraging.

I know a man whose parents had been wage earners their entire lives. Out of love and concern for their son, they tried to discourage him from going into business for himself. They'd tell him, "You won't have a steady paycheck." And when that didn't work, they'd tell him, "You know, eighty percent of all businesses fail. You won't have much of a chance. You don't have enough education. Get a good job, stay with a company, and work your way up." The man didn't listen to his parents, or to anyone who cast doubt on his Core Desire. Today he is very successful, and glad he only listened to those who had already achieved what he wanted. The people that helped him get to their level are the ones who knew the way.

I was that young man, and I owe all my success to my Core Desires, my mentors, God, and an encouraging and supportive wife. My parents' paradigm about business and education may have been accurate, but to allow my past to control my future was ridiculous. My parents did not factor in the power of my Core Desires. They had never been in business for themselves, and their mind-set was limited to their personal experiences.

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