Are you Hungry?

Here's an interesting idea - I was reading a great blog...ironically, this blog was ABOUT blogging [], and came across an interesting post on what makes us, collectively, more likely to "rise to the occasion" and churn out our best work. The thought being this - as a culture in North America, we are soft. We are prosperous, comfortable and, well, really really really lucky. This breeds complacency. The really amazing, inspirational stories happen during massive depressions and wars and famines. Let's be honest - regardless of how bad we think the economy is and how tragic the losses in Iraq are, we, as a culture, are still remarkably comfortable. Change only happens when pain is applied (only the truly motivated change purely towards pleasure).

So how do we create a hunger, as Jack Humphrey calls it, to achieve great things in light of all this "comfort"? Well, here's my two cents on the matter (that's what blogs are for, yes?)

* Get very clear on what you DON'T want. Yes, I realize this goes against everything we are told by Law of Attraction teachers - never focus on what you don't want. I agree, but the point is not to focus on the negative, but to be clear on it. From that, you can get clear on what you DO want, in all its technicolored glory!

* Like it or not, we have a "default future" - a future that simply "happens" when we are on auto-pilot. It's imperative that you get clear on what consequences there will be if you continue to float down the "apathy path". Get clear on what those consequences are, and you will have motivation to move into action.

* Focus not on what would make you "comfortable" or "secure". These are apathetic, soft, lazy words. As Dr. Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret says, "Dare something worthy". Imagine you are in the future and a group of people are discussing what person, dead or alive, they would most like to have dinner with. Someone says your name and everyone is in agreement - it would be amazing to pick your brain and figure out how you ... (and it's your job to fill in the blank with whatever grand, life-changing, no-limits, amazing feat you accomplished in your lifetime). This will get you out of your head, away from the SMART, "achievable" goals and into the gracious world of big, juicy dreams. What would you do if you could not fail? These are the kind of dreams that will keep you hungry!

However you live your life, chose to LIVE IT! Make choices! Be grateful for what you have, but never complacent. And always hunger for your really big dreams. No one has ever been inspired by someone who is careful, comfortable and secure. The only way to affect true change in the world is to live your life to the fullest.

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Now go forth and live vibrantly!

Author's Bio: 

Kristi Shmyr started out her career as a young girl growing up in Northern Alberta, Canada. Medicine and medical care were rarities, and Kristi learned the value of nutrition, herbs and reflexology at a young age (her grandmother even used acupressure to avoid stopping for bathroom breaks when driving!). After a five-year career in criminology, working with At Risk Children and Young Offenders, Kristi realized her true love lied with alternative, holistic health.

Kristi started her own Holistic Health Center in Edmonton in 2007 and works hard to ensure her clients enjoy all the health, happiness and success that they can handle!