Most people that choose to start a home business do it since they are done with not having money or time freedom. They jump into the first opportunity that shows up that seems straightforward and lucrative. more often than not it is because they understand that other entrepreneurs have created success in the business model. They look at others who are having the lifestyle they want to have and they decide to get started too.

The one thing the majority of new business owners don't see is that to create success at a home business you have to give either money or time, or sometimes both! They are opposed to investing either time or money because they are feeling lack of one or the other already. They become driven by the success of others and desire to jump to the success part with as much ease on their part as possible. 90% of home businesses don't succeed in their first year because new owners don't properly fund their business, they don't put in the time, and they don't have an entrepreneurs mindset.

To start a successful home business you need to be prepared to put in either time or money, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.


Think about how you are spending your time. This means the time you control and you choose what you do with, not the time you have sold to your job. Do you throw away hours clickingthrough shows on the tv, surfing through random internet sites? What will be the long term affect on your life? If you are selling time to a company (and when it comes down to it every single job is ultimately simply you trading time for a paycheck) you are wasting an important commodity because you have the time just the once and never get it back. When you use your time in creating a business for yourself you don't receive much money for your time at the start, but you will see an amazing constant return for years to come.


The low investment and overheads of home businesses allow a lot more people to get started in business. Since most people invest their own money instead of funds from investors they frequently under-capitalize. They fail to put the business first, don't modify their spending habits, and don't seek out other possibilities to capitalize the business. over and over again new business owners say they don't want to invest in their business since they started due to lack of wealth.

A question to consider is how are you spending your money? The majority of people are prepared to invest thousands on a new tv, or on a vacation, or on the latest iphone, but are not prepared to invest $60 on ads for their business. Without a doubt these are items that should depreciate and become outdated overtime, where any capital invested in a business will bring time and money freedom in the future.


Clearly home business failure or success is truly a question of mindset.
Forget the feelings of lack, forget the worker mindset, desert the herd and develop into an entrepreneur.

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