Hello to you all, my beloved brothers and sisters living in our global family of humanity. I send you my love and wishes for continuous re-occurring blessings from my spot -of Heaven on earth, in Okeechobee, Florida. I view us all this day as absolute perfection; in some of us the abilities have yere et to manifest. We all are perfection as each of us is a particle of Creator light and love. Our Divine birthrights as individuated, yet fully connected children of Mother Father God, our Creator, insures we all have joy, peace, love, financial blessings and all other abundance, hope ,faith, illumination and many other gifts of Spirit as well. We only have to choose them and expect them as we eliminate our own negative thoughts and doubts that block our manifestations.
Realize that your own Angels and your Guides desire a conscious working partnership with each of us as much if not more than we do. As we join together in the same space, the Angels and guides and we the Divine Humans working together consciously are extremely powerful. Our Earth Mother, Gaia, responds to prayers. Pray for her movements which are totally natural, to be more gentle and less destructive to humans and nature. This prayer can be used by all now and it will help our situations. There are more active spiritual beings here on Earth now -than in most times in our entire planetary history. The babies and young ones being born from now on will be prewired to 1800HEAVEN from birth. If your children are ten years old or less, they already possess this Divine Circuitry and are learning to master it. These children should be honored and nurtured. They have come here to accomplish many amazing things and they hold the energy of the electromagnetic grid work with us until we have enough numbers of awakened mass “Divine Humans” needed to turn our situation around; so that we all can experience “Heaven here and now on Earth for all who choose it . Awakened humanity “Divine Humans “are assisting our journey back into healing by awakening others by their presence and frequency, we have more power focusing together than ever. We are beginning to realize at times that we are making a difference. Each of us came here with a piece of the puzzle than no other person has or can facilitate. Our work here together is important. We are helping each member of humanity and our Earth Mother’s healing. We are actively participating in large numbers in healing of the mass conscious, as well as, the individual and collective healing of our human family. There is enormous power in coming together and all praying with the same objective. These prayers can take many forms, from many religions all of which are valid.
Regardless of any current situations- it is a wonderful, magical world. I choose to view it all as Heaven on Earth here and now. I wake up with the butterflies and wildlife with extreme gratitude as I was lucky enough to awaken again here. I am extremely grateful every day as I get to live in “Heaven on Earth” daily. Divinity is everywhere reflected in us all. You only have to choose to witness it. Divinity is mirrored in every blooming flower, sunrise or sunset, ocean or mountain; it is my choice to live in Heaven while I’m here on Earth. I expect it and I receive it. This is my prayer for each of you . This will be our first topic for this visit; the topic of choice.
Choice is a benefit of a free-will planet. Each of us makes many choices every day - in each “now” moment of our day, every month, in every year. It is these everyday choices, our daily decisions, the situations which we place our conscious intent and focus upon, either in the vibration essence of love or fear, we manifest our current and future situations whether or not we realized that we created our lives as they appear. Our feelings, thoughts and actions set up the formula for manifest creation. Our choices become catalyzed by our emotions, creating fuel for this alchemical process. Love and fear are vibrations – they cannot exist at the same time. The events, feelings and situations we have focused on intently become manifest reality. Each of us is creating each minute already, whether we realize it or not. We are all manifesting. All manifestation includes the power to change what we have created by the power of choice. We all have the choice to start all over and pursue another passion and find our joy. It is also worth remembering as said in the “Rush” song-“if you choose not to decide; you still have made a choice.” We all have the power to change our creations and situations if we choose. This means that if we are not thrilled with our last choice; we can change it. Through choosing and the power of choice - we create our individual and collective realities and manifest the world we live in today. I realize that we will not all enjoy “Peace on Earth”, until we all are able to find internal peace within the hearts and minds of each of us. Internal peace starts with a choice. Make the conscious choice to turn off the chatter in your mind. Start with short periods of time and work up. Breathe deeply from your belly and fill your belly with air before you fill your lungs. The closest description I can think of to describe this breathing is “Buddha Breathing” Fill your belly with air until it resembles the beloved Master Buddha; then fill your lungs. Hold – Release and feel peace. Choose to honor yourself and allow yourself “me time.” Go for a walk outdoors and commune with the Divinity that abounds. Choose to treat each and every member of your family of humanity with dignity and love. Choose happy thoughts. Choose joy! Life here on Earth in our bodies allows us experiences that exist nowhere else in the cosmos. Choose to live in this “now” moment every now moment of our lives. Choose to be positive about your life; if it is not as you like – change it.
I would ask you each to consider releasing all judgments of everything and everyone. It is an amazingly freeing experience. All that happens simply is. Instead of a world of black and white – enjoy the many shades of gray that color our lives and our world. The release of judgments facilitates living in a state of “Divine Grace” and joy. I choose to live in a perpetual state of Divine Grace, joy and ease.
It is all up to each of us to do our part and work on ourselves. We are the only one that we can make the best “me” that we can be. We will speak again soon. Until then please experiment with the power of choice. It is an exciting world. I pray you each choose to live in love and peace.

Author's Bio: 

Hello to all my beloved brothers and sisters in our family of humanity. I am tamiel. I will be 53 in August and reside in my own little borrowed spot of “Heaven on Earth” here in Okeechobee, Florida. I am an author and speaker as well as an energetic healer. One of my gifts from my Creator is the ability to help all others find and dissolve their own blocks and gifts. I am a second level Reiki teacher and a priestess of Melchizedek. I also teach the foundational Level 1 class of the “Seraphim Blueprint” by Ruth Rendely. More can be found at www.seraphimblueprint.com. I offer classes several times each month at this time as well as individual telephone sessions to help others discover their blocks and dissolve them.
I was drawn to “The Seraphim Blueprint” classes immediately as a result of a fundamental class held by my church and my Council Master Guide, Kirael- whose wisdom can be found at www.kirael.com. Approximately fifteen years ago, my Kahu, Rev. Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael offered a fundamental s class in “Ecumatschii, described to us all as “Atlantis healing energies”. When I started hearing about “The Seraphim Blueprint” the bells rang loudly in my head and I knew I wanted to learn and to teach these energies to as many people as possible. I spend time as my body is resting working with the Seraph. He has me tinkering with various functions of the cosmos. As a result, I am learning the inner workings of the cosmos. The view I have while working is amazing and better than the Hubble telescope. I have already started building relationships with “others” in the cosmos. Never doubt for a minute that we are the only ones here. We have not even left our solar system neighborhood.
I also work for Metatron and Sandalphon as a Divine Alchemist and participate in another of my soul families as I work with Archangel Mik-i-el, my Angelic father and Lady Faith.
As a survivor of severe abuse and eating disorders; I can teach much from my own experiences.
I realize that each morning I awaken; I’m on bonus time here and give thanks to my mother/father God Creator. I am their servant and will joyfully undertake any task they send for me to do.