Do you have a fixed-maintained habits? You know these maintenance practices are correct? The wrong skin care habits, is likely to promote the aging of your skin! Now, you corrected 5 misinterpreted by most people care habits. You get rid of all the possible opportunities for your old, you can change old, was young.

Skin is every woman wants to remain forever young is compulsory. However, if the wrong way with the skin, or misunderstood the principles of skin, can cause skin damage. Not only can not eternal youth, but may promote aging! If you also want to get rid of possible misunderstanding skin care to look up 5 for you skin misunderstanding it!

NG1: Beauty props misuse

Urge the old reasons: beauty props, do provide a lot of our skin care easy and fun. However, many people in the use of cosmetic props when props did not pay attention to these specific operating rules. Not only can not play the best features of beauty props, but no effect was small props, and even cause skin damage, aging effects easily.

The right way: If attractive beauty props should operate according to the direction of skin texture, or prone to wrinkles. With the import feature of the beauty props should be on the appliance itself, before use, to clean hands and face, to ensure the cleanliness of the skin surface, and the hygiene of the imported material. Only pay attention to the use of these in order to ensure the effectiveness of care by a multiplier effect.

NG2: exfoliating too often

Urge the old reasons: in the summer because of high temperatures, the body's metabolism to speed up, facial skin, thickening of the stratum corneum is very easy to accumulate. This time for the skin, exfoliate the action, can reduce the burden on the skin, breathing more fun. However, the stratum corneum skin a very important role both at the same time, blocking the sun can damage skin tissue, prevent foreign toxic substances on the body of the abuse, prevent some of microorganisms, bacterial invasion, resistance to wind, sun, rain and other foreign stimulation. If you frequent exfoliation, would be contrary to the natural metabolism of the skin, especially in the summer season, skin loses skin protection, are prone to contact dermatitis, bacterial infection will increase relatively.

The right way: the frequency of daily exfoliation can be maintained at 1 week 1-2 times or so. At the same time, use a gentle exfoliating product, avoid the use of a coarse grain products, it is easy because of excessive exfoliation, damage to the dermis layer of the skin, causing redness of the skin allergy situation. Some foreign countries, especially the United States exfoliating product inside is very coarse particles, are not suitable for delicate Asian skin.

NG3: do not make sunscreen

Urge the old reasons: Do you think sunscreen can give you 360-degree sun effect? So, you often out the door, or coated with a layer of sunscreen before sun exposure, you think that everything is all right, you can sun all day. In fact, this idea is wrong. Sunscreen sunburn can only remove the fate of you, for you to distraction sun umbrella for several hours. If you are in this period, the skin surface of the sunscreen by you wipe the sweat off paste, water poured into your face the sun protection network vulnerabilities immediately, when you need to make sunscreen. Otherwise, the UV will be able to reach the dermal layer of your skin, the role of melanin production, and promote the pigmentation of your skin, free radical proliferation, and other elements to promote active aging.

The right way: as long as the sun one day, you have to use sunscreen, as long as you face the light, both indoors and outdoors, morning, night, you are able to stimulate the activity of melanin inside the skin, making you have sunburn or tan. So, 365 days have to use sunscreen. Then you need to use the occasion sunscreen SPF30 or more, under normal circumstances make ,2-3 hours once painted. If there is sweat, rain, swimming in the situation, as long as the sunscreen may fill quickly.

NG4: wrong-type mask with a tear

Urge the old reasons: tearing-type mask is easy to create pores in the process of tearing is not correct, so that the pores increases. The increase of the pores is difficult to make pores is further reduced. Very large pores of the skin looks significantly older, and the large pores is very susceptible to dirt, makeup residue clogging the pores of the consequences. This will make the skin inflammation and swelling and promote skin aging.

The right way: tear-style mask when using clean though people have a greater enjoyment. However, the tender skin is not suitable for frequent tearing action. Which may lead to skin because of the pull of relaxation. So, try to use less tearing style mask.

NG5: indiscriminate use of stacking Essence

Urge the old reasons: When the skin encounter a problem or meet a lot of skin problems, many people tend to use a variety of different essence, strengthen the skin effect. However, different brands of skin care ingredients and formulations have different combinations, be different with different brands of skin care products, is likely to cause chemical reaction between components, which leads to different results. The effect is likely to result in missing or invalid. Of these, causing an excessive burden on the skin, blocking pores, and promote skin aging.

The right way: we usually use a skin cream is enough, because the essence of a high nutritional content, but with much more burden to the skin, put together the essence of different effects, composition is more complex, using both the essence has been is the limit. The essence of two different who in the end is who should post it? First, according to the texture of cream to decide, first with a thin texture, the latter in a more dense; the second is based on the depth of the skin to reach the essence of the decision. Essence of the role of active ingredients followed by the depth of the skin: moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, so use both to so order.

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