Introducing...Auction Inspector!
Auction Inspector inspects posts on the eBay "want it now" section and tells you which products are wanted most often. Not only that, but it also analyzes responses from sellers, so you can immediately see the areas where sellers are already swarming, versus the areas where there are clear, open pickings for you.
Here's how it works:
Choose the eBay site you want to find a niche on (USA, UK, Canada or Australia)
Select which categories you wish to inspect for trends (eg. collectibles, consumer electronics) or use a keyword.
Sit back and let the software do the rest!

If you can't find a single niche on eBay
you are not alone!
Do you feel like everyone else is making loads of money on eBay except you? Are you always “just” behind the times when it comes to sniffing out new products?
We Guarantee to find you a niche that
will make you money on eBay!
If there's no demand for your product you will make no money!
If there's too much supply of your product you will make no money!
But what if you could discover the hard-to-find products that everyone is searching for? Better yet ... what if you could find products that everyone was searching for, but nobody else was selling? You'd make a killing!

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Internet Marketer For 15 Years