When working online there are land sharks that are as dangerous to you as the mammals found in the ocean. To whom or what I refer is not those you actually 'work' with but rather those with whom you may associate. In particular I'm referring to any negative people you may have in your life. You know the ones! They seem to have a negative attitude about everything, including your efforts to build an online business. These are the type of people that can deflate your spirits in a heart beat and without really trying. Their bad attitude can play a very significant role in your success if you allow it, and NOT in a good way. Online entrepreneurs need to be hard working,focused and above all else of the 'can do' spirit in order to be successful. Allowing yourself exposure to negative people will dampen your spirits and diffuse you in ways which will make it impossible to realize any hopes of success. Worse yet some of these people may be your 'friends' or family, yikes!

Here are 5 ways in which the negative attitude of others can adversely effect your efforts to establish yourself online and why they should be avoided at all costs!

Zaps your Energy

We have all been around people before who are always complaining or finding reasons why things 'will not' work or 'can not' be done. For these people the glass is always half empty, but do not allow them to instill 'their' doubts into 'your' dreams and ambitions. The single biggest factor you have working in your favor when striving for any goal is your own enthusiasm. That positive feeling you get knowing you can do something and the anticipation of the resulting benefits you will experience can not be beat. Do not allow another persons negative attitude to steal that feeling or energy since you will need it to achieve your dreams and goals!

Puts You in a Bad Mood

In general negative people tend to bring 'down' those around them by dampening their spirits and leaving them in a funk! When you are in a bad mood everything tends to work against you primarily because you do not expect expect any good fortune to come your way. Your reality generally is a reflection of your mindset, so turn it around by being upbeat and positive.

Decreases Productivity

An unproductive mindset produces nothing! When you have lost that 'can do' approach and replaced it with a negative attitude nothing gets accomplished except perhaps allowing yourself to sink deeper into a gloomy mood. When you are around anybody with a bad attitude always remember that it is contagious, therefore avoid these people whenever possible.

Increases Stress

When you combine a loss of positivity with a loss of productivity it is very easy to get caught up in a downward spiral of emotions. Feelings of despair and inadequacies start to settle in leading to depression, anxiety and stress. You now have a whole new set of problems to deal with and you do NOT want to go there!

Repels Other

You know how it feels to be around negative people, well others will feel this way you if you act the same way. Now you are repelling family, friends, neighbors and even business associates as well. You are who you associate with, and always remember that!

When working online having a positive 'can do' attitude is a must primarily because you generally will be working alone. If online entrepreneurs allow negative thoughts into their thinking pattern it will make it very difficult and not impossible to be productive. The mindset of most online entrepreneurs is the very key to their success. It must remain positive so they will continue putting forth the effort to learn and succeed. A bad attitude can easily rub off on you and especially if you are exposed to it long enough. As demonstrated in the 5 examples above, by maintaining exposure to negative people anyone striving to be successful runs the very real risk of unknowingly sabotaging their own efforts. Whether these people may be family or 'friends' it does not matter, their negativity is still harmful to your efforts nonetheless. To be forewarned is to be forearmed therefore maintain a healthy separation from these people when working online since it is no doubt, your goal to be successful.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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