Ayurvedic Treatment of Chickengunya arthritis -

Chikungunya is a viral infection that is transmitted by infected aedes aegypti mosquito. Symptoms includes- fever, nausea,vomiting , rashes then joint pain etc. There are many medicines in ayurveda which are highly effective in controlling chikengunya.
Ayurvedic treatment for chickengunya primarily aims at controlling the viral infection and reducing the symptoms.

Why Joint pain in Chikungunya?

CHIKV RNA has strong love and affection for synovial membrane (Covering membrane over our joints, which produces fluid to nurture and protect the joint and also facilitates the smooth movement) so a large number of viruses are accumulated on joints.

What is Ayurveda management for Chikungunya?

1.For instant relief from joint pain, do hot sand fomentation.

2. 1teaspoonon turmeric + 1 cup cow milk boil them & then drink every evening . Turmeric is proven drug which reduces IL6, IL17 and TNF-alpha, and other inflammatory particles, thereby efficiently reduces pain and swelling.

3.There are other several effective and clinically tried herbs are available, like Tinospora- guduchi, Chirayata, Andrographis panniculata, Neem, guggulu medicines etc but they must be taken only after being evaluated by an expert Ayurveda Physician.
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