Kalsharp is typical & Mysterious yog of kundli because it form by two mysterious planets RAHU & KETU.

Before we start we know about the meaning of Kal sharp yog why did some one say that it is kalsharp yog ? What did some one see in Horoscope?

Answer is - Kal Sharp means that one dangerous snake is hating to everyone and Snake is having very powerful bite So, Everyones are not able to perform in well Conditions. Simply means is here Dangerous Sanke means Rahu(Only).

If all planets are situated clock wise to Rahu, then Rahu will bite to all planets & will destroy to every planet's Power. Because Rahu ketu transit in reverse house means Suppose Rahu transit in 10th house then next transit will be on 9th house then 8th. So Rahu is head as per vedic astrology, So Snake head carry Poison bag & who will come in it's zone snake will fire via Poison.

So in Kal Sharp Rahu play very important role.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.