Asbestos is a mineral that can aggravate lung tissues. It occurs naturally and has been extensively used in building materials until it was diagnosed that it is harmful to health. Meanwhile, it was found that long-term exposure to the material led to lung cancer. To save people from its hazardous effects, there have been many branches of the United States military used asbestos in some form for maintenance, construction, and repair.

During the 20th century, many illnesses caused due to asbestos drastically increased and became more hyped in the 1930s. As a result, restrictions were enforced on the consumption of asbestos and finally banned in many countries after many case studies.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are six types of asbestos that are chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, actinolite, tremolite, and anthophyllite. Meanwhile, all the types of asbestos that are used commercially referred to as carcinogenic.

Houses that are constructed during the 1980s or before are likely to have asbestos. If you have a house built in the 80s, and you are suspicious about having asbestos, then pick a sample and give it to any company of environmental abatement in Colorado Springs. To add more connotation, below are the top benefits of hiring an asbestos removal company:

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

There are two types of asbestos Chrysotile and Amphibole that cause cancer. Vernacularly, known as white asbestos, Chrysotile asbestos is the most common type of asbestos in industrial applications. Meanwhile, Amphibole asbestos fibers are straight and needle-like. There have been many cases that say that houses built before 1986 are more prone to asbestos and it can travel through the air. Therefore, to prevent yourself from such harmful disease, it is important to call companies for environmental abatement in Colorado Springs.

Eliminating Inhaling Diseases

One can fall for inhaling diseases when older buildings are demolished or renovated, or when older asbestos-containing materials begin to break down. There are two ways that are inhaling asbestos and swallowing asbestos. In any of these situations, asbestos fibers tend to create a dust made of tiny particles that can float in the air. Meanwhile, areas that have rocks have higher chances of asbestos. It can get into the water through several sources, for example, rock or soil erosion, the breakdown of roofing materials containing asbestos, or corrosion of asbestos cement pipes which enter the sewers after it rains.

The health of your pet

We understand how important is your pet to you and that is why it is important to removing asbestos. Asbestos can be present near or in the ceiling tiles, siding, insulation, flooring, or shingles. Not only humans but even the pets can also become sick after inhaling asbestos accidentally. Therefore, it simply means that asbestos can be harmful to everyone and it should be eradicated as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Asbestos was used as building materials until it was discovered that it can cause fatal diseases. In such situations, hiring the asbestos and environmental services is all you should do. It will not only clean the hazardous material from your house but will also reduce the risk of getting ill.

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