Elliptical trainers (ellipsoids, orbitrek) attract more and more attention of professionals and lovers of a healthy lifestyle, because they allow you to combine several types of physical activity and are perfect for home use, replacing the stepper, bicycle and treadmill. How to choose the best and high-quality elliptical trainer?
Dimensions and weight
Experts say that a good orbiter should be big and heavy. The same can be said about the weight of the flywheel - the bigger it is, the softer the pedal travel and the more varied the load, and the unit itself is more stable.
Ellipsoid view
The simplest and most popular classification of elliptical trainers is based on how to adjust the load. There are five main types of ellipsoids:
Belt and mechanical (shoe). The cheapest, lightest and most compact simulators. Do not require an electrical outlet. However, mechanical models already go down in history. This is due to the low level of comfort, "torn" move and noise (due to friction). In our rating we will tell you about the following types of simulators.
Magnetic. Adjustment of the load level is due to the magnets (approximation-removal). In modern models, the resistance is configured by buttons on the panel. Comfortable elliptical trainer with many functions. Suitable for home use. But a high load (professional level) on it is not achieved.
Aeromagnetic. The principle of operation is the same, but the magnets in the process of training are cooled (the fan blows air), so these simulators are suitable for long sessions of endurance.
Electromagnetic. The most modern and comfortable devices. The load level is switched with the help of electromagnets (current strength changes - resistance changes). They have a built-in processor, which controls all the work, and allows you to very accurately calculate the load. These are usually found in fitness clubs or used for medical purposes. Minus - the high price and the need to connect to the network.
Step length
It depends on the effectiveness and safety of the workout. It can be fixed (for cheaper models) or variable.
Weight limit
For home trainers, this value for different models varies from 100 to 180 kg. Choose one that is designed for 15-20 kg more than your real weight, otherwise there is a risk to quickly disable the frame.
Programs, sensors, modes
Their set depends on the purpose of training (strengthening muscles, losing weight, medical or professional training). For a simple simulator, 4-6 load levels and 5 counters are enough: counting time, distance, speed, calories and target heart rate. The possibility of individual programming of the training is welcomed, especially if the orbittreker is bought for several people. If you can'd decide which one better you, check our guide about best elliptical under 500. Here you can find the perfect combination of price and quality.

1. Svensson Body Labs ComfortLine ESA

The most democratic elliptical trainer. Modern, multifunctional - and inexpensive (for this level). Complaints about the quality, noise, no squeaks. It has a wide range of settings, programs for weight reduction, gives enough load.

Main advantages:
low price for such a set of functions
21 programs
you can set your program
16 load levels
clear, convenient settings.

suitable for people up to 180 cm tall.

2. AeroFIT E500

Good professional elliptical trainer, which is suitable for training at home. This simulator can be safely recommended for athletes and all those who professionally monitor their figure and health. A reliable frame and bearings, a heavy flywheel (12 kg), a large selection of programs and modes make training especially effective. Full-fledged fitness club at home.

Main advantages:
front-wheel drive,
reinforced frame
changeable step
orthopedic step up to 66 cm
16 training programs
user weight up to 150 kg.

high price,
heavy (weight over 100 kg),
handles may seem a bit short.

3. Hardy ellipsoid with a big step.

The ergonomic, front-wheel INFINITI XT7 is the best elliptical trainer for those who, due to their large height and weight, do not fit with standard characteristics.

Main advantages:
maximum user weight 150 kg
front-wheel drive,
small dimensions
53 cm long comfortable step

inaccurate cardio sensor readings,

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