Probably New Zealand is the best country in the world where you can have a campervan trip. This transportation is the best way to explore all the legendary natural beauty and have some adrenaline activities.

Campervanning is very popular among backpackers and a common choice for thousands of tourists and locals who are travelling around New Zealand. This is a land of staggering diversity, a land of unparalleled natural elegance and power. So, what may be better than self-driving to see and experience it? 

There is nothing more relaxing than wake up in the morning in a camper van near to crest of a hill, in a fabulous rainforest or in front of a hidden lake.

Whether we talk about locals or tourists, most people who are travelling in a Wilderness motorhome in New Zealand are renting or buying a campervan. Practically, any of these represents a great solution for both short or long-term travellers. The main factor to decide whether you should buy or rent a campervan is time.

If you’re thinking to travel in the country more time buying a campervan works, while renting one of these cars is perfect for a short-term journey. But that does not mean that everyone thinks like this. 

For example, there are a lot of people who decide to buy a campervan cheaper and make more money selling, even if they only need it for a week! 

Probably it sounds weird, but it’s not just a local practice, but also tourists who want to make sure they have their own house on wheels as they stay in New Zealand. Another thing to consider is a buyback deal. This means the person or company you buy from guarantees they’ll buy the vehicle back from you at the end of your travels for a discounted price.

In New Zealand many people love campervanning, but is not really simple to travel this way.  Before you go in a trip, is necessary a plan and a few preparations. You must be sure you hire a right campervan, which you can afford and best suited to your travel style. This is what the article is about – campervan maintenance. 

It is possible to rent or buy a vehicle and want to make sure everything is okay with it.

When having your own campervan, there is the risk to occur some problems or even breaking down. If it’s a rented campervan, you are the one who get these fixed because most insurance companies don’t cover major expenses. 

On the other hand, before you buy a campervan is important taking it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Maybe you already have a vehicle you may not have used for some time. 

Before going on a trip, you need to complete the usual maintenance for vehicle needs to keep running smoothly, like changing the oil and the air filter.

Best vehicle service centres

In any of the situations listed above you are, I have some suggestions for you regarding repair work, maintenance or pre-purchase inspection. There are plenty of car services but which are the best?

  • Johns and Gee Automotive – If you have any problems with your campervan this is a total vehicle service centre for all brands. The company represent an outstanding automotive service and offers expert service, repairs, and advice from qualified automotive technicians with extensive experience in all types of vehicles. A one-stop-shop for all servicing requirements: car repairs and servicing, tyres, plus Warrants of Fitness. Johns & Gee Automotive is an NZTA certified business, that’s why I highly recommend them. You can find them on 20/22 Gundry Street, Newton, Auckland, 1010.
  • Cityside Automotive – This is another workshop which ensures your car is maintained to the highest standard. The company is specialized in automotive servicing, general mechanical repairs. Expertise in alignments, balancing, diagnostics, repairs, tune-ups, oil changes, maintenance. Cityside Automotive can be found on 7 Charles St,
     Mt Eden, 1024.
  • Bosch Service Grey Lynn – This is an old company with a lot of experience, a fully certified Bosch car service repair shop which has very high audited standards. They have a great reputation and have been set very high standards by Bosch. It’s an awarded workshop for top customer service. Bosh service repair all makes and model cars, here are MTA members and Automobile Association (AA) auto licensed repairers. It’s important to know that they keep up with rapid technological changes in the automotive industry and regularly send all staff on training courses. For me, this means professionalism so you can easily solve here all your campervan problems. Bosch Service Grey Lynn can be found on 8 Burns St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021.
  • MO2FIX Penrose – Here are some other automotive professionals, dedicated to making sure customers drive away happy. MO2FIX is really all about hassle-free cars. They provide a full range of services and a highly experienced team. The workshop is fully equipped with professional products, for easier, safer, quicker and cheaper work. MO2FIX address is 342 Church St, Penrose, Auckland 106.

I presented you some professional workshops which can provide mechanical services, warrant of fitness, tyres and balancing, computer diagnostics, electrical or glass services, etc. Maybe your campervan needs an oil/filter replacement, AC recharge, engine repairs, wheel alignment. Why not try the specialists in vehicle service to keep your car safe on the road?

Signs that you need to take your car to a mechanic

No matter how much time you need a campervan for your journey to New Zealand, you still want to maintain it well. 

If you observe unusual changes to your car’s driving you need to take it to a mechanic. 

Getting something checked up on as soon as you notice something wrong is likely to keep the repair cost as low as possible before it causes other problems to the car. And will be much safer for you.

If the vehicle does not meet your standards, then it should not be driven. Here’s an example of the types of items that are considered critical. 

Every element must meet the standard regulations; otherwise, the vehicle is not roadworthy: brakes, lights, coupling devices (fifth wheel and kingpin), horn, tyres, mirrors, seatbelts, steering mechanism, windshield wipers, battery. 

If the brake pedal feels spongy, there are vibrations or squealing noise when you break or the steering pulls to the side while braking you must take the vehicle to a service centre. Also, is not ok to releases smoke, sounds unusual or the steering wheel shakes a lot when you drive at speed.

Driving a campervan in New Zealand

I thought some tips about driving will be useful for you. First things, be sure you legally can drive in New Zealand. For a campervan, you need to have a full valid driving license written in English. 

If yours is not written in English then you will need to also carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) or a translation approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency. You must know that the legal driving age is 16 years old, but usually, need to be at least 18 to hire a campervan in New Zealand.

As you may or may not know the driving orientation is on the left and you need to use extra caution if you are not used to driving on the left! Take it easy when driving a campervan, slow down on corners and let other drivers pass you were safe. It needs more care when you turn or park it because of its extra length. Look out for dedicated campervan parking particularly that gives you extra room to manoeuvre. 

Beware one-lane bridges because New Zealand has a lot of them! Read traffic signals, stop signs and give way signs at various intersections. It’s important to understand basic road code driving knowledge: following and passing rules, give way rules and more.

Always check that you have turned off the gas before you start your journey. Also, when you drive the campervan to ensure all the objects are secure so they don’t move and become a driving hazard when you’re on the move.

It is important to keep your driving to daylight hours so you are not travelling in unfamiliar territory in the dark, especially that you must get settled at the campground. 

Slow down on gravel roads or if you plan to travel on winter, have snow chains if you intend to drive anywhere with snow. And probably you already know that but if you feel tired, pull over and take a rest in your comfortable beds!

The right campervan will help you in exploring the whole country. I hope that on your trip you will not have trouble with it. Take care of your vehicle before leaving on a trip to not waste a lot of time with reparations, time that could have been spent exploring the country. 

Campervanning in New Zealand need not be complicated. The roads are perfect for you to enjoy your self-drive holiday, so by following these few tips you’re bound to have an amazing holiday. Now you are ready to hit the New Zealand roads!

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Taylor has worked in various senior roles including, sales, manufacturing, and commercial.

During this time he has gained an invaluable insight into the day-to-day pressures that go with such leadership roles and the expectations to be met.