Having a good stretch in the morning feels is great. But there’s a lot more to stretching that we know. Yoga exercises implement stretching exercises that go beyond just the perks of flexibility or keeping a fit body. The ancient practice is able to trigger important shifts in brain function and thereby provide special psychological benefits. For instance, yoga seems to help people with anxiety control their emotions in a better way.
How Yoga Asanas Improve Mental Health?
The practice of yoga isn’t a new intervention in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The practice has been studied closely and is known to improve not only a person’s physical but mental well-being as well. It has been successful in the treatment of disorders like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It also is a beneficial complementary treatment for conditions like schizophrenia, ADHD and cognitive impairment in older people. It is also known to improve memory.
We hear the word ‘stress’ ever so often and soon forget about its implications. Stress isn’t just about being in a bad mood. Stress affects the body in so many negative ways that it can eventually lead to the development of an actual physical illness. Luckily the body has its own built-in mechanisms to counteract stress. This is commonly known as the relaxation response. Yoga is a great way to enhance the relaxation response.

Today, everyone knows about yoga and has heard of its benefits. Yoga helps improve blood flow and is able to keep hemoglobin levels at an increased level as well as the red blood cells. This essentially means that more oxygen reaches the body’s cells and improves their functions.

There are specific types of yoga asanas that help with mental illness although yoga in itself is beneficial to the body and mind. Here are some of the best exercises in yoga that can help a person improve their inner strength and get rid of frustrations.
Best Yoga Asanas To Improve Mental Health
1. Twisting
2. Inverted
3. Downward Facing Dog
4. Child’s Pose
5. Poses for the hips
6. Shoulderstand
7. Bridge Pose
8. Low Cobra
9. Savasana

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