“Beware of the Unhappy List”

So I am sure many are wondering, why I would make an unhappy list after I have made a happy list? The unhappy list serves as a matter of identification of those things that disrupts the flow of happiness in our daily lives. It can be used as a practice to set goals to eliminate challenges that just make things complicated. Yet, it ultimately challenges each of us to find a solution.

In order to address things that make us unhappy, it takes time. We have to remember that in the design of any construction it takes vision, tools, and starting at the foundation. One must see what needs to be addressed, utilize the proper tools, and start at the bottom to go up. All this demands patience, persistence, and a positive approach. Yes, in creating a list of things that make you unhappy there will be a reminder of scars. Here there are two options. If one focus on the scars it will turn into fear and this leads to depression and then paralysis. If you get to the point of being immobile, you are not able to move forward. On the other hand, if you focus on the positive approach of hope, it will lead to excitement to motivation to inspiration. At this point your unhappiness starts transitioning into happiness. Beware of the unhappy list because it identifies matters that can be addressed by setting goals. Recognize the obstacles or challenges and allow the identification to create the how to resolve concept within each of us to find peace. Set a short term goal therefore as it is accomplished, it will be an encouragement to accomplish the long term goal. Embrace others that are there for support and advice to encourage you how to overcome and make wise decisions. Do not hesitate in the need of communication because as you address, it will allow you to distress. Unhappiness can be transformed into happiness but you must give and exercise the command. “Unhappy List, Transform!”

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A dynamo of humor and enthusiasm, Edwin stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial

spirit. He is a keynote speaker, seminar leader and happiness expert. He has over 25 years experience in

providing individuals and business owners hands on training in inspiring possibilities,

networking, goals setting, and time management. Edwin is the inspiration behind the Global Happiness

Summit and founder of the “I am Happy Project” now in 56 cities in 16 countries.

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